I can't wait to go to Europe!


May 25, 2003
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I've never left the country before, but on sept 30th I've got a round trip ticket to some strange european city for just fifty bucks.(thank you priceline.com) I hardly ever leave my room, so this will be such a treat. I wonder what I shall see there. I am a bit worried though, since I've heard that European women don't shave their armpits. I hope this is not true? I'm already getting ready and packing my things. Um lets see, I've got my MP7 (got it at wall-mart), I've brought my crowbar, suntan lotion, some condoms (hairy pits or no, I'm still tappin that), my digital camera, and plenty of drinking money. Oh I can't wait. Maybe I'll stay there for years, I heard of this one town called "multiplayer" that is sure to keep me hanging around.
hahaha, your one lucky fella ;)

iam gonna use all my time at a place called "how to play" :afro:
you live in a computer game?
the real world isn't THAT bad...
and whatya gonna do when HL3 comes out? update?
Yes, I will have to update. And I was only kiddin my friend. I have a very active lifestyle and sleep with cute girls on a regular basis.:p But this thread is not about me, it is about europe, what can I expect to see there? Is it true that they don't shave their pits?
no they shave just about everything... some even their heads
(some their beards)
what else do you need to know for your trip my friend?
Will Alyx ever change into something "a little more comfortable"? That green "i just threw this together" look has got to go.
she is an inventor.. so she wares a invented outfit.. duh! :)
Originally posted by nickster
I've never left the country before, but on sept 30th I've got a round trip ticket to some strange european city for just fifty bucks.

Heh, thats pretty cool. Im actually going to France right after my exams are over. Get this, im gonna be biking for the whole trip. Gonna get to see the beaches of Normandy and whatnot. Its gonna be fun.
do you know that europe was born of a young virgin maid and a bull?
america is just named after some stupid sailorman, theres no story to back that up. you guys have nothing to offer. and last tuesday i just shared a beer with good ol' osama and my dear friend saddam. don't know his surname though...
wtf are you talking about? I still think alyx should change into a different outfit at some point in the game. Or maybe I should just wait for the nude patch?
Born of a young Virgin maid and a Bull? :x
That sounds disgusting, I prefer the name of the stupid sailor to some sick twisted X rated website.

EDIT: mmmmmmm... Nude Alyx. My eyes would go :eek:
a nude alyx woulden withold me from shooting her in the beginning (if this doesent cause a game over screen). whe would only be in my way. immagine you blasiting aliens and alyx just simply walks bye.. so you have to jump infront off her and make sure she doesnt get hit. brrr.. anoying
yanks about sick twisted websites and then googles about a nude computer chick...
ts ts ts
OMG a Nude patch...

That would just be too much, and my keyboard would get all sticky and shit. Whats it called if your attracted to cartoons and shit!?!? I think theres a word for it.
Heh, its funny you saying about how cool it is going to the beaches of Normandy, simply because if I go south maybe 150 miles, I can see them across the channel. Weird how you view of things if different. I mean to me, its just France, I can go there for about £15 -£20. But for me going to New York is great because its so far away. Then I went to San Francisco and was practically on the other side of the globe.

You should have fun riding around Normandy, its quite nice. Especially when you can look inside some of the old bunkers.

P.S I think the whole not shaving armpits is more a stereotype then a reality.
Ya it is wierd how you view the things differently depending on where you are in the world. Ive been to Europe once before and it was pretty funny walking around and everybody knew I was a Canadian tourist.

Thanks Farrowlesparrow, Im sure I will have fun, and if you ever get to go back to North America, you should try going to the Canadian Rocky's in British Columbia. It has some amazing scenery and terrific camping.
Ive wanted to go to Canada for most of my life. I used to live in the hills and we got alot of snow, but the past few years we barely get any and I miss it alot. Since Canada is on the same level as Britain but doesn't have the Gulf stream, so obviously you get snow alot. Ive always loved going through the mountains, they are pretty cool. I'm probably going to the Alps next year on a snowboarding trip with my bothers and a few friends, so that should be good. Hopefully in my year out between Collage and Uni I'm gonna get to travel for a bit (after 6 months of work that is :() I'm planning on going to Canada and Australia.
So....who owns the mountains then?
British Columbia is a province of Canada.

Australia you say. Ive been wanting to go there for a long time as well. Lots to see, lots to do in the world.