Ideas for SP/COOP mods



With HL2 unveiling seemingly the best AI to date at E3, the possibilities have go me thinking...

First off, a Sven COOP style mod would be awesome if it weren't included in HL2. Also, the idea of a Terminator style mod would be incredible, you can have a team of guys getting chased around the post-apocalyptic ruins of a major city by slightly toned down T-800s.

Post your ideas here...
Lambda Coop is already in production, it's all of the original HL, and new crap, but online in coop.

I'd love to see what the Resonance Cascade looks like on the HL2 engine:borg:
Hey alien.

A Terminator game would be great (as long as you were playing as rebels in the future right?) but, only if you got rid of the now-crap CGI laser beams...

Would like to see any military mod, as long as it isn't terrorist based. In sp, that would be great.
It would be like the start of the machines rising, you'd be playing as rebels against T-800 or something resembling them (to avoid getting in trouble due to copyright laws.)
you could have the Terminators with all their ultra power without toning them down, it would just have to be like 16 rebels vs 1 or 2 terminators :\