im Downloading TRON 2.0 Multiplayer Demo.

i'm waiting until someone else gets it and says what they think :D
Its on the Unreal Engine isnt it ?, god I hate that engines loading times
Hey its pretty fun!
I like it!
I love it!
I want some money!

Its not to bad. very fast load times !
Dear god, I hated the demo. To quote Tycho (from Penny Arcade),
The Cycles were fine enough for an E3 demo, but as I mentioned at the time they still had a ways to go catching up to even the freeware Armagetron.
Just to let you know, Armagetron can be found at

worst piece of sheeeeeit ive played in ages..... and i love the movie to bits... I have the special edition on DVD!

btw its not the unreal engine its actually the litech engine...
Dude what wrong with the game? I have very fast load times. It looks very cool! gameplay is very nice! No lag no jajjedness, no lockups. whats wrong with it?
its boring as fook... all you do is try and shoot someone across a brightly coloured room or try and shoot away the floor they are standing on... And the lightcycles are dull too! Its just a game of snakes with nicer graphics...
I started a thread about the Tron 2.0 demo when it first came out and I deleted the thread because I was so ashamed I even brought it up. THE GAME IS TEH WEAK :x
ROFL @ above pic :LOL:, is it acctually that shit ?, shit as in from a butt :D