Incase you want to test HL2's player physics....

Hahaha, brings back memories for me :) I found that thing a couple months ago, a bit after E3. One time I played with that thing for almost three hours straight, its good fun :E
Is that link to the skeleton demo? if it is its pretty sweet, i jus dont know how to zoom heheh, if you even can that is. Good demo, gotta download somethin tho.
wow, sling shot, grab hold of his feet (when he;s hanging,) and drag him as far as you can across, and press h, hehe, but cnt find him now ;(
hehe, i got mine stuck and i couldnt get him out
hehe, I think Guinny should offer a prize to anyone who can make him sit down and stay there... I got him to do it for a while, but then he fell over sideways :(
And a different prize should go to whoever can hurt the skeleton most. One time I flung him straight up into the air, he came straight down face-first, and he slid down five steps on his face and his back bent backwards over his head. Who's done better?
Lol.. i pushed him donw the platform and pressed H


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Lol.. or this one!


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That demo isn't using the same Havok engine you'll be seeing in Half-Life 2, but it is still pretty neat. It has some bugs, as the above screenshots show, but for the most part you'll never see that happen in the game.

The Karma physics engine on the other hand... the one used widely for Unreal-based engines, well... Hehe. Garbage.
I made the skeleton fall off the i can't find him
In case anyone doesn't know, you can press spacebar to shoot a little bullet (it looks like a rock) wherever your mouse is pointing, and pressing H hangs/unhangs the skeleton over the top step. You can use H to snap your skeleton back to the start if you lose him, but if he gets under the floor you have to refresh the page. You can also use the hanging/unhanging to make him do lots of cool things too. Just wanted to mention this, since tr0n seems to be having trouble finding his skeleton :E
lol o man thats pretty funny blitz. I sure was having fun with that little skeleton when i saw the url yesterday. It's really annoying when he flys off the edge or gets stuck. I got him stuck in the stairs while i was trying to hang him back up and had to refresh the page.

Oh ya I also checked out that demo page. That game with the little bule balls is cool.
God I love this thing. I can only imagine how addicting HL2 will be if I can have this much entertainment with a skeleton and some steps.
You can use the h button to catapult him miles away. Just press it 2 times rapidly again and again
You know whats really fun? hold his head up (lift him by the head)
move your mouse abit down, now press space at regular intervals while you say "Au!" each time you press space:cheese:
You know, if you press "R" the scene will restart. No more refreshing the page.
lol! you guys should try dragging the skeleton up into the air so it does a flip, then rotating the camera matrix-style, then doing the best landing job u can. hilarious!
Man that was nice :)
Wouldn't mind a better model and some nicer textures though :)
i remember valve saying hl2 is using a HEAVILY MODIFIED version of havok.
Do that slingshot trick but when he is flying back press H then H again. It swings him so far that if you press H maybe 10 seconds later the screen shakes for ages.
Bro, could you say "what" or "wat". "Wot" is really annoying and doesn't make any sense. Thanks :)
The character physics are alright. Personally I find them a bit unrealistic in a few ways though. I find the environmental physics A LOT more impressive.