May 25, 2003
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This must be the 20th time i wached the HL2 e3 video and it makes it hard to beleive that so much interactivity can be acheived. The table getting pushed in the door and blocking it was good and I think it was not scripted or anything. But the big shack falling on the two soldiers was too much. Its very hard for me to beleive that without scripts that can be acheived.

That gets me thinking and i hope they make metal doors if they want them not to be opened because people would complain why a wooden door didnt break when they fired a rocket launcher to get through it... LOL
The commentator said that your ally Father Gregori had set up traps around that area, I think the dumpster he threw a grenade under was one of them :)
The swinging beam...yeah...but the dumpster itsnt supposed to be a trap. Thats how a dumpster works in real life if u throw a grenade under it and breakes off wood peices than it falls.

You know what i
That blew me away, because normally in games the things that you can break or use stand out a hell of a lot. Like in cartoons they would always shade something that the character is going to interact with differently.

I would never have thought to use the dumpster, i would have just stood there and shot those guys.

Anything wood will break. In the buggy clip, everything moved (including the car chassis) except the big dumpster he hit, meaning everything will have proper weight.

Youll be playing the game, and think "hey maybe theres a different way i can kill these guys, like shooting off a valve (pun definatly intended) and flooding the deck."

When you play other games though that dont have this level though, you will be anoyed at how basic they are.
I already think alot of games are pretty basic. Most of them havent tried to really advance the FPS aprt from making the graphics look a little nicer.

That thing oyu mentioned about the valve. Ive been wondering something. Will people\aliens drown when they get stuck under water? Will they swim? I remember in HL1 scientist just used to sink to the bottom and stand there.
adn in the interviews they have (gamnespot) one of the devs was sayin how they could incorporate it more in the game like blowing up the cover for bad guys and wut not like the movie showed wherer ne naded the lil forification with the two guys that came flyin out, though i dont think it actually destroed the thing they were hiding behind...i hope u can blow up door and walls to a certain degree.
Yeah, kind of like Red Faction, but not so gimmiky, I think that dumpster thing would be good if you could just blow out one corner of it so it kind of shifts when it falls and lets it hit more bad guys.
lol king thats exactly what i want too. More degrees of destructability(?) Also i would like to see more rocks in the open terrain levels. I would like to pick up a big boulder with my gravity gun and take down the big space ship !! (fun):cheers:
Or you could use it to juggle rocks! Pick up one, shoot it in the air, pick up another, etc. see how many you can keep up before they splat you :D
All those soldiers fighting along with you would make great projectiles...
If you could pick up people, you could make a human kebab using the gravity gun and the leg of a strider...firing them head first at the leg of course, ouch! ;)
What's cool about the swinging beam trap is that it actually breaks the wall of one of the buildings. I think everyone (at least me) has been waiting years for this kind of destructibility.

I wonder if people can get impaled :>

like you pick up a body and launch it at a spikes in the ceiling, will it get stuck?
I don't think the huge crate could have been scripted. Like all other physics in the game, it was just an object reacting to gravity and support. The really revolutionary thing is having 3 axis 360degree rotation on objects, meaning that they can tip, wobble, spin in any direction, etc.
apos, if i'm understanding you correctly, that 360º rotation thing is not revolutionary. i can make a crate in heretic 2 (quake 2 engine) rotate 360º on all three axes at the same time (at different rates if i so desireD)... i also believe a similar effect can be achieved with the unreal 1 engine with keyframe animation of brushes.

or were you talking about being able to make it spin with direct interaction, with the whole kinetic energy thing thrown into the mix? :)
Sure you can, but not as part of a physics model in the game. Unless explicitly given that motion, it wont happen. In HL, the physics model includes all 3 360degree axees as part of it's calculations: so it matters WHERE force is applied to an object, just not if and how much.
I think something in the physics people overlooked was the monitor falling down. Notice how it rocked side to side before it slid off? This means the base of the monitor, the neck and the main body all have different values for size and weight. They counter-act and make things as realistic as they would be in real life... they could do some amazing modding stuff with this technology, and imagine all the possibilities for funmaps!! :D
I'd like to see someone do that Honda car commercial where it knocks around car parts in a sort of "mousetrap" progression. One thing we've yet to see, however, is unbalenced rolling: what happens when the wheels on a single axle are different sizes (basically, the entire structure rotates forwards AND inwards from the larger wheel). This is what would be necessary for a roling screw to look realistic, or an axle with one wheel missing. So far, all we've seen roll are barrels, which are symetrical.
I am so looking forward to all the tech maps people are gonna make just to play with the engine :)

Ill have to take mapping back up, just to play with the physics in this game.

Id like to see how a barrel filled with water acts. A water filled barrel is amazingly hard to get to act naturally, as it would roll forward in a somewhat jerky motion.

Im sure ive said it 1000 times but the possibilites in the Sauce engine is near limitless.

*PS* yes I do mean sauce.
VERY much doubt that water filled barrel would be possible. First of all, it's not really necessary, and how would you know it's water filled anyway? I suppose they could explicitly script it in, but doing real fluid dynamics is incredibly difficult. Even supercomputers have a hard time simulating true fluid dynamics, because chaotic motion really spirals out of control pretty fast. HL looks to treat water as just another brush, not an actual infinately deformable volume. Which is fine: doing real water is simply beyond home computing (even Pixar mostly faked it).
Yeah... they could prolly put it in there really simple though, just have an invisible weight shifting as the barrel rolls.

Water is cool...
i guess it would be easier to fill a real barrel with water and roll it around if you're so keen on it...
what i like to see is how i end up trying to make alyx give me (that means gordon) a kiss... maybe she likes to be touched in a very realistic way! LOL
what do you think?
also i would like to know what exactly the sauce engine is...
some kind of engine to make realistic sauces?
Damn you all! You've forced me to resort to reciting random physics equations in my head! I thought I was done with that! Damn you all...

-Vert (goes off rambling about how Rotational Kinetic = ½Iw²...)
That'd be weird, Alyx kissing an old man like Gordon... but then you are Gordon, so would you be turned on by it or not? :D
I think its time to have a little talk about the facts of life.

You see Alyx is.....well Alyx is not real. She is a made up person on a computer. Whether she likes to be 'touched' has no relevance to the game. Perhaps if you run into her she may react.

Actually if you run into someone at high speed (Maybe using the longjump if its in the game) will they fall over, and if you are going fast and hit a wall, will you get hurt?
Originally posted by KiNG
adn in the interviews they have (gamnespot) one of the devs was sayin how they could incorporate it more in the game like blowing up the cover for bad guys and wut not like the movie showed wherer ne naded the lil forification with the two guys that came flyin out, though i dont think it actually destroed the thing they were hiding behind...i hope u can blow up door and walls to a certain degree.

Yes the fortification was destroyed. U can clearly see the wooden objects used as cover flying away to the sides