Just want a screen shot :(

Me too. I remember years ago...YEARS.... seeing stuff about TF2 and getting really excite, but then all went quiet. It was so sad, i didnt know what to do. The amazing game that i was looking forward to wasnt going to happen. I had to wait 4 years before any hope would return.

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ahhh, i remember when we burned a cd full with TF sounds and played it in our cars subwoofer...man that was crazy....but bassy
I preordered it;(

I remember the day i got a letter through the post saying that they were sorry but they couldn't ful fill the transaction.;( I was so sad....
They didnt charge in the first place. They only charge on delivery. Which is nice.
the funny thing is that the old TF2 site is still up showcasing those old screenshots...hmmm wouldn't it be better if they'd just taken it down?
probley but its still good to look at and remember what TF2 was suppose to be and God only know what its like now.:)
thats the Exiting part.:)
I preordered TF2 back in uhh.. beginning of 7th grade, this coming year I'm a junior *sigh* I wonder if I can get my 10$ back still?
Damn, 2,5 years ago I was looking for TF2 screenshots... but suddenly they cencelled the project...

I could remember some screenshost about a tank and some bridge...

On the opposing force CD they got some screens of that I think


;( My lost dreams. Do you remember the videos where in one it showed the new HW guy shooting a gun, and an engineer loading it for him.
yah I do
also there was this video of the spy lurking in the shadow and stabbing some innocent soldier :)
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actually he cut his throat or breaked his neck as far as I remember...

Garrote wire. If thats the correct spelling. Basically got some cheese wire and cut of his air.
loads most likely..... for all we know its gone an engine transferrence to Blitz 3D and is all about Xen style jumping... except the idea is to grab onto the best jumper and fly into the opposing team's camp :p
Xen jumping in TFC? that just doesnt work. Conc jumping was cool but xen jumping sucks
I was joking..... ah well..... this is all because I got you out in rounders isn't it..... :LOL:
Woah. Rounders? Do you two know each other or something? And i mean outside of the internet.
Yeah we know each other... well..... he watches from afar.... and I snipe him :p
It's a game.... with a bat and a ball.... you run and score rounders.... considered the girls version of Softball