Keyboard/Mouse combos

Mr. Redundant

May 20, 2003
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anyone out there got an elite optical duo?
or even the mx500 logitech wireless.
Im thinking of going wireless, but Im not too sure how it is for gaming.
anyone got suggestions, comments etc?
Wireless mice 'lag' slightly. Most people dont notice it but if you're a hardcore gamer you most certainly will.
It loaded for me. I don't want to go through the entire review, but here's the title and summary:
Originally posted by Tom's Hardware Guide
Title: Logitech MX Mice: The Weapon for Quakers!
The optical mouse is increasingly taking over trackball technology, and that is not a bad thing. The latest Logitech and Microsoft products are accurate and responsive. But the MX range takes it all a step further. The new sensor is unmatchable for precision and speed, and a new cordless technology does away with lag time.

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