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May 15, 2003
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This is the (unapproved by rest of the OES team, but since im team leader.... ;) ) storyline for Operation Everlasting Shadow, comments and feedback please, bearing in mind this is a single player mod (if you want to work on this MOD and join NG, then message me) :

+++Transmission Intercepted+++

From: mjno7 <[email protected]>
To: Team Leader

Shortly after the sucessful conclusion of Operation Black Bag ( by Ops team 451 it was discovered that a number of unauthorised members of the Black Mesa Security Force and a number of the Marines escaped the unpleasentness Since then they have disappeared from all of our records. Agents 572 and 117 tracked one of the marines (known as Barnes to his men) to a U.S military base in Alaska . Unfortunatly Agents 572 and 117 were KIA. But the Intel they gathered suggests that some of the 'problems' are hiding out there, under U.S military guard. If the bumbling Generals work out the exact nature of our treaty and involvement with Xen the entire plan will be under threat. You and you team will be inserted at 2300 hours on ||||.987982347989732


Server Terminated......
dont make new threads about the same mod....jsut reply to your thread....