Lightwave 7.5 conversion to Softimage XSI 3.0



Okay, I'm sure this is a long shot posting this up here...but I thought I'd see if I could get any good feedback from you guys.

Since support for the mod community is still practically non-existent for some of the more in depth questions about conversions etc., I've been looking into a more roundabout solution to the whole conversion process between lightwave 7.5 to HL2. I've used programs like polytrans and deep exploration in the past but so far have never really been successful with it. My main question is for all of you, have any of you heard about or have been able to successfully convert full lightwave files and scenes (or any major 3d package scene file for that matter) to XSI with minimal issues? Since HL2 will mainly be supporting XSI and all other 3d packages are pretty much up in the air support-wise at the moment, I am really looking to convert all models, UV data, and animation/rigs to XSI to guarantee proper conversion into the HL2 editor.

I have had pretty good success with preserving object data in between platforms, but animation is a totally different story. If any of you have information regarding this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me out a bit or send me any links etc. Documentation on Deep Exploration animation conversion is very hard to come by. Thanks in advance! If I come up with anything, I'll be sure to post any solutions up as well
i have not had too much trouble converting 3DSMax files to S|XSI, but i havent tyed animations yet....
yeah, unfortunately, there lies the problem :/ The coordinate systems get kinda screwy between programs (I've been told), which doesn't help the animation synching a bit. I've also noticed all weightmaps don't convert over for the animations which leaves the model looking all bent out of shape. I've stumbled upon another possible solution...but if I find anything, I'll let you guys know.

i'm an XSI user. so i cannot be more happy now that i know that i dont have to convert stuff from xsi to maya or max. but this is not the point of the post. i used the dotxsi converter for maya and i realized it converts only meshes and it turns bones in nulls. but it seems that the nulls still keep the animation. i also tryed deep exploration and in a coupple of cases it exported just fine the model with the animation but sometimes it just give me some strange errors without a valid reason.
on the xsi mailing list a lot of people asked about that but it seems that there is no real 100% valid solution. the dotxsi exporter for max and maya seems to work but not every time.

i know im not helping much. sorry.
lol, no, sheep, that's actually pretty helpful information. A friend of mine was actually going to look into the dotxsi converter tool for me, and that's kind of what I was on to next. I did notice when I converted through deep exploration that tiny little olive green dots import into XSI. When I slap the up arrow key, I see the animation actually going through the frames.

Now, here's a question for ya...since it seems that the weightmaps are the main problem (they probably need to be reassigned), is it possible to take those green points that I'm seeing, assign new weightmaps to the object, and attach the object to those points (and make them function as bones more or less)? Or, if those points cannot function as bones, is it possible in XSI to convert null objects to bones? Just kinda curious on that. :) If not, I may just be SOL! But thanks for the comments. I do appreciate it!
I'm sure the SDK will feature a converter. Valve knows that everyone doesn't have S|XSI, so they will most likely create a converter for the 3DSM and LW users. If not them, then someone from the mod community.
Did they announce Soft Image released a free version ? or was I just dreaming, I really need this prog :)
First off, Stitch, you're a rockin' little blue dude. I liked ya in your flick. ;)

Secondly, yes, I agree, I'd only assume Valve would have enough sense to pack in support for the major 3d packages out there. Though, with UT2k3 I was pretty shocked that they weren't as open about supporting lightwave or XSI at all really. Yes, you could import lightwave objects into Ued just fine, but animations? Forget it.

Even if Valve doesn't get a converter going, I'm still worried it will take an additional several months before a decent LW plugin will work. But, only time will tell. Thanks for the support and feedback guys!
after the conversion the bones were turned to nulls. you can simply reassign the weightmaps and then envelope the models to the nulls. it works.
there is also the ftk (FileTransferToolkit) on softimage site. if you know a coder you could create any translator for any format to and from xsi.

hope this helps.
God Softimage XSI is way to hard :eek: , i'm going back to maya (nice and easy):bounce:
i was a maya user too. i admit is really hard when you first change to xsi. but now i wouldn't change it for anything in the world. for me is just the best 3d app i've ever seen and used.
I was battling with this concept for a year now! And I’m too no close to an effective solution. But I have crossed some good findings in 3rd party conversions plug-in.

i’ll share with u wot I have solved with animation from LW to HL2:

I started using FBX for exporting my animation from Lightwave 7.5/8 to Maya and it didn’t exported the weight map properly it might be I missed flipping a switch in some sub menu in maya but I had to remap the weights again in maya so the bons will work. So all I had to do is make IK solver to the legs and arms and bind them to the moving nulls.

It works properly just need the right bone rigg/attribution.

if my technique is not clear enough contact me on msn messenger ([email protected])
My Lightwave converter needs more work, but if I get more testers for it, we'll get that animation support done :)
I will write a step by step tutorial for it this weekend, to make sure everyone gets the same setup and their objects converted without any additional struggles (Hello vulcan :) )

I'm not an animator, so what I need help with is some pretty basic stuff. If anyone feels like helping me or have any questions or bugreports, send me an email at [email protected]

The main features are listed on the website:

Hope you find it useful.