May 14, 2003
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Although unrealistic, I think that weapon limits would be really
I assume your talking about the way the player threw down the shotgun in favour for a rocket launcher on the video with the drivable buggy?

I think it would add a pretty good sense of realism, but on some of the other videos, Gordon has a Pistol, a Machine Gun and a Gravity Gun, so if there is a weapon limit it seems to be something other than '1 Primary, 1 Secondary'

Besides, Valve know what they're doing. :cool:
As I mentioned on another thread, I don't think there is a limit on the number of weapons you can carry. In the first half-life, the HUD (and the ability to cycle weapons) is supplied by the HEV suit. Gordon is not wearing a HEV suit in the dune-buggy video (just look at his arm). Therefore there is no HUD and he is not able to carry multiple weapons.
BTW, the protective vest serves the exact same function as the HEV suit in Blue Shift and OP4
I don't know..

Gordons arm looks exactly the same in the dune-buggy video and the video where he has a HEV suit on, the one where he uses the grav. gun to pick up a box with some tins on it at the beginning of the demo.
I don't have the video in front of me, but as I recall you can see some flesh at some point (although he is wearing funky gloves). In any case, there certainly is no HUD - but there is in the other videos as I recall. Of course it might also be that the HUD (or weapon cycling sytem) was not complete when this video was made.
I just watched them both side by side, the glove is exactly the same, and although it looks like flesh, im pretty sure it's orange HEV-ness :cheese:

Your theory may still be correct though, they may simply have not had non-HEV arms when that video was made, or like you said just now, the weapon/hud system may not have been completed.
Hey, maybe he just threw the shottie away in disgust?... ;) That flying manatee could certainly take the damage: one fully wibbled-up blast from the mounted gauss gun and at least two rockets -- those couple of hits from the shottie looked less than devastating in comparison...
might be that the RPG is much larger than the other weapons, and certain 'classes' of weapons that large can only be carried one at a time? i dunno lol
I think limitations would be bad. What if you left a gun behind that you need for the next part of the level? You would have to run all the way back and find the gun or look around and find another one. ;( ;( ;(