Logitech Z-680 Speaker System


Jun 26, 2003
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Well I have been following these forums for a little while now and have finally taken the time to register.

Well anyway I will (hopefully) be building a new computer before Half-Life 2 comes out and want to know what you guys think of the Logitech Z-680 Speakers, if any of you have them. I really like having a nice sound system on my computer, I have Creative Megaworks 6.1 speakers on the computer that im on now. I was wondering if these speakers are really worth it or should I go with somthing like the Klipsch ProMedia speakers. I want to get somthing that is loud, I love loud systems, but I also want them to have good sound quality as well. If any of you know, how close will the Logitech Z-680 or Klipsch ProMedia speakers sound to Creative Megaworks speakers that I have now.

I really dont have that much money to spend on speakers either, about $250 is my limit right now, unless you know some speakers will go down in price by the time HL 2 will be realeased then please dont tell me about them, I will already be broke and dont want to be tempted to spend more.

Also, I dont need 6.1 speakers. I am looking for a nice 5.1 speaker system.

Thanks to anybody that replies.
Do a search for reviews of those speakers or better yet, go in-store and listen to them for yourself. Speakers that may sound good to someone, may sound bad to you and vica versa.
I have read reviews about the speakers and almost all were really good. There was only one review that said they werent good. A lot of people said that there was excessive white noise but that was the only down side to them. I geuss I will just have to listen to them myself.

lol.. i am getting the Logitech Z-640 speaker set. some reviews said that they where the best value for the money 115 euro's
I have the 4.1 version...and you know what ? They OWN..
Subwoofer is outstanding..200 watts
The satellites are good when placed properly, i also like the extrenla controll panel with Bass,headphones jack ..very nice
Sometimes i have to use headphones because the speakers are too loud and my dad next door keep yelling at me to turn the Bass down..lol :cheese:
Originally posted by SpuD
I use headphones

So do I

Even with the best speaker system in the world you get constantly distracted by noise in your house. With headphones you're really "in the game" :)
You can get distracted, yes, but if you have the speakers so loud you cant hear anything else then you wont. I always turn my speakers up when I can hear somthing other than the game I am playing.

I will use headphones but only when I am up late at night.
I prefer to use head phones, when playing games... so I can pin-point better where a sound has come from, espc in multiplayer games...

but use speakers to listern to music and watch DVDs etc
i love head phone sin games like America's Army, mainly cause i can tell where a grenade lands by the sound. details like that....
yes, exactly, and you can hear, that guy sneaking up behind you...trying to be cocky by killing you with the knife.... :p
Let me tell you, I've got the Z-540, and I've never been happier, couldn't tell the difference between mine and my friends Z-680. Don't be afraid to be cheap, the speakers are high quality.
i imagine that the Logitech Z-680 are good, i have the Logitech Z-640 and they are sweet. Paid $129 AUD for them (while the Z-680 are $550) and i am very happy with them. Good bass and good quality sound :)
sound quality is subjective :) it depends on your ears, some people can hear a great different between lower end speakers and logitech 680s, some people cant, so i suggest testing both beforehand in store if you can.
Thats probably true; I would strongly recommend testing the speakers to see what you like rather than other peoples opinions. When i bought mine a friend was telling me to go the creative inspire. However when i test them at the shop the, logitech sounded better to me; so i bought them. :thumbs: