Mission: Find Alyx


The Guy

Since I don't think computer generated chicks can be hot, as nobody should, I command the forum kiddies to find a photo on the internet of the woman who best represents Alyx. If there is pron in the picture, please link it with a *NSFW infront (Not Safe For Work.) We don't want anyone getting in trouble.


ummmm, and the winner gets ummmmm something cool. yeah

*edit I choose the winner.
HAHAHAHAHAHA hey that's my mum >_<

Erm but she's white... and her lips aren't big enuf?


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sweet baby jesus Spud !

As a lover of mam flesh i am deeply disturbed by this ........ omfg !
The Guy...how about trying this instaed "NO PORN!" since I'm pretty sure that we all agreed to the terms of this board, and I wouldn't be suprised if it stated something about not being allowed to post porn and other inappropiate(sp?...u know what I mean) stuff...
Originally posted by SpuD
Ive ruined 103 people's lives....
Yes, you surely have.
And the only way you can repent is...
by marrying her!!! :devil:
ohh yeah i know someone who looks like alyx... but i don't have a pic of her.. wait a minute, it was natalie imbruglia or kate cebrano or something.. OH THE CHICK FROM SCANDALoUS (that lame pop stars band)

i'm australian other aussies will know what i'm talking about.

OH OH OH and ... crap who was it... that stupid chick with a HGUE mouth.
I don't think that pic of lonederangers is quite right... nowhere
near Alyx in fact: eyes too big, the ears too pointy, the nose looks
dry, and, worst of all, the red collar doesn't suit her.

One of our posters on the Gameplanet NZ forums though this was
close (off a TaTu video clip -- and note he's still using MS paint to
view pix so he's slightly deranged himself...):


Pretty much a given that they'd design Alyx to look like anyone we
could think of though -- the adventures of 'Generic Woman'. It's
not as if we can even agree on any prominent racial characteristics:
does she look black, caucasian, asian, hispanic? She could be of
any origin from the look of her (and depending on the camera
angle and lighting effects).