May 14, 2003
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ok i was recentlt lookin at benchmarks for mobo-now im lookin to get an AMD so i was wonderin between these two mobos which one is better?



MSI K7N2 Delta

if there is a btter board for AMD please point me to it.
well i too am getting a AMD for my new system. im getting an abit kd7 motherboard. some people may not agree, but i love this motherboard, my friend has it on his computer. its only 266Mhz fsb but thats not bad. it uses the kt400 chip which is 2nd best after nforce2 chip. and it has 4 ddr ram slots, unlike the usual 3.

but if u really want 1 of those 2 get the a7n, the only thing i warn you bout though, is that it has built in sound card, and built in parts only cause problems since u cant take it out
They're both good motherboards and both support a 400Mhz FSB. I'd just flip a coin to make the decision.

Oh and you don't have to worry about problems with the integrated sound, you can easily disable it through the BIOS and use any sound card.
Ridic doubtless knows that a simple BIOS toggle will disable the onboard sound... which you will probably want to do, as nForce2 boards of all makes have been plagued by onboard sound troubles.

The Asus is a great board, the standard of the class. It'll cost a few more dollars, but - you get what you pay for in this case.

If you'll be waiting a bit, it is worth pointing out that the KT600-based boards will be along quite soon, will be cheaper than nForce2, and are on par or superior to the nVidia chipset in performance.
I may sound like a nub, but isnt the nForce2 onboard video? why would you want that... Im probably wrong and sounding like a complete dumbass, but hey.
Originally posted by SpuD
I may sound like a nub, but isnt the nForce2 onboard video? why would you want that... Im probably wrong and sounding like a complete dumbass, but hey.
nForce2 doesn't necessarily mean onboard video. You do have the option of getting an nForce2 motherboard with either onboard video, onboard sound, both or nothing at all. nForce2 is basically the name of the chipset, just like KT400. There's nothing wrong with getting an nForce2 motherboard with onboard video, you can just disable it through the BIOS and add a Radeon 9900 or what ever without any conflicts. Actually, I thiink it would be a good move to get an nForce2 with onboard video, it's a good back up incase you break your video card.
mmhmm, thank you. Im gonna buy a Radeon 9500 Pro, if that breaks i have my GeForce2 as backup, which will run any HL mod in 1024x786 with 99 fps.
if the ASUS board has an onboard soundmax system get it
its crystal clear sound, digital audio and srs eax and extended 3d sound support, not quite as good as an audigy, but its free onboard that comes damn close... however I dont know if your mobo has soundmax

mine is the Asus p4pe (intel) but IM pretty sure all their new boards carry soundmax, but if yours does, and you cant decide bewteen the two boards, get the asus ;)
asus also are known for their great support (update your bios and flash it easily with progs packaged with it, also hardware monitors for win/x :)
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR (Nforce2 Ultra 400) is going to be my new motherboard. I hope it is good
Not sure if it's too late by now KiNG, but I just bought a ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, and it's a beauty of a mobo. Besides a great chipset, it simply has all the bells and whistles you could ever need. I ditched all of my PCI cards once I upgraded. Onboard audio (5.1 SPDIF), 6 USB!, 2 Firewire, 2 ethernet, etc, etc. Plus this sexy chick's voice telling you "system is booting from operating system". Ok, that gets annoying, but you can turn it off.
i like Asus, mainly cause of the onboard system moniters, like tmp and stuff.