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May 15, 2003
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Well, a new thread for a new site!
We fianlly got out new site layout up, it still has a little tweaking to do, but it looks a million times better thna the old one!
Terr also has newer, cleaner redners of his G36 and MG36, check thme out!

Hiro has renders of his SIG 551 up as well!
Oh yeah also,

I'll be gone next week, so you guys will have to deal wihtout me ;)

dont expect any e-mails/ questiosn to be answered until next sunday.

-SideX out.
the coloursheme looks nice. not the greatest. but atleast you guys have some renders and content. I suggest replacing that HL logo with a jpeg one because the jiffies around the logo give the site a little cut and paste look. remember.. the website present's your project.
Yeah. we're also getting a better logo, one with the 2 in the logo.... oversite by our designer....
You'd just better have communist dictator ramblings in it a la Red faction 2.
Well, our site seems to working again, to answer all ya'll who pm'ed me....

now you cna check out the update if you've missed it so far! ;)
are the frames really supposed to look like this http://***********/g4k9 ?? thats a pretty decision...

if i were you, i'd have them open in a new window that is sized to the largest image size, so you dont need to scroll left/right, you can just scroll up and down.

but thats just me :)
...I Know.... We have yet another design in progress, this upcoming one should be the permanet one.... :/

I'll talk with our current web guy to see if he can fix that in the mean time...