motherboard upgrading question

May 29, 2003
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i have a small question... if i upgrade my motherboard, do i need to reinstall all of my hardware drivers? i've heard that i need to since some drivers might've optimized themselves for my motherboard, but another person told me that the only ones that might do that are the hard drive drivers and those wouldn't make permanent changes anyway...

and if i do need to reinstall all of my drivers, does that include everything from the ACPI drivers to the monitor drivers, or just the things like soundcard, videocard, hard-drives, etc?

thanks for any help :)
With windows 98 you could probably get away with just updating the board drivers but it would still be a good idea to wipe and start clean. With windows 2000 and Windows XP the odds are you won't be able to get back into windows once you've swapped the boards. I've seen it work maybe 3 times and fail a bunch more. Although supposedly there is a way to use the repair console and get back in.

Basically I'd say before you swap your board backup anything you don't want to risk losing.
go with the deluxe Nforce2 they are just amazing if you have an AMD