My personal HL1 theory (Long read)


Jul 1, 2003
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Ok. Here it is. If you see any blatant holes. Please point them out. I'll bet I could modify my theory to factor them in.

HALF-LIFE: The “True (?)” Story
By Jasonh1234

The players:

* NSA (National Security Agency. Controls American Government and Black Ops)
* American Government (Controls Military and Black Mesa staff)
* Military (American Marines. Responsible for Black Mesa’s safety.)
* Black Ops (The most elite special forces on earth)
* Black Mesa staff (Administrator, scientists, & security forces)
* G-man (Evil Alien)

The American Government was secretly experimenting with captured Alien teleporter technology at Black Mesa. The source of the technology is unknown. They created the Black Mesa facility for researching the technology and placed the Administrator in charge of the facility and it’s research. Black Mesa’s cover story was that it was an American Military strategic missile site. This cover is similar to Area 51’s Military airbase cover story.

The Administrator and the G-man are 2 different people. We never see the Administrator in HL1. The Administrator is under the influence of the G-man. The Administrator believes - like everyone else at Black Mesa, that the G-man is a human and works for the NSA. The G-man is in fact an alien posing as an existing NSA operative. G-man tells the Administrator what to do with Black Mesa under the guise of them being NSA/Government orders. His true "employers" are the leaders of his race who want to take over Earth. For the purposes of clarity I will refer to his people/employers as "G-man race" from here on. The snake hiss like hanging “s” of the G-man’s speech is a trait of G-man race's species. The Administrator complies with the G-man’s orders because he believes the G-man is who he appears to be. (An NSA operative that is known to him, and effectively HIS boss)

The scientists follow the Administrator's orders and will do as ordered even if it sounds dangerous, or unwise, such as running experiments their equipment wasn't designed to do, and creating potentially dangerous anomalies such as Resonance Cascades. It is the Administrator’s facility after all, He pays their salaries, and the Administrator receives his orders from the Government.

The scientists at Black Mesa did not know exactly what they were doing with their research, and had mostly lucked out thus far with their small successes. They were however learning though, and slowly getting a grasp of the teleporter technology. One particularly bright person specifically was in mind for the G-man’s upcoming mission. Gordon Freeman.

The G-man’s race stepped in to accelerate the transporters development process for their own means and took the Black Mesa’s science staff the rest of the way while simultaneously keeping them in the dark about what they were actually doing. Many of the Black Mesa staff never realized what had in fact actually happened, and only the brightest of the bright pieced it together in the end. Even those pieced together answers were incorrect.

The G-man knew almost exactly how the Black Mesa incident would play out well in advance. Weeks ago he ordered an entire base of American Marines to brush up on and perfect their CQB skills for an upcoming mission. He did this because he knew these were the closest troops to Black mesa and theat they were the most likely to respond. He wanted to ensure that the American Military would be able to effectively remove all scientists that might figure out what's going on and interfere in G-Man Race’s plans.
The Administrator has no interest in destroying the American Government’s facility. He is simply doing what he believes the American Government is telling him to. G-man secretly intends to destroy Black Mesa when he is finished with it because the G-man race already has the inherent ability to teleport precisely at will. It will do the G-man race no benefit to leave teleporting technology in the hands of humans. The G-man likely executed the Administrator shortly after the incident began.

Upon learning of the incident in progress, the American Government and the American Military attempted a cover up of the experiments at Black Mesa that bit them in the ass. Not realizing at first exactly what was happening, or even that their ass was even being bitten. The American Government wanted to protect the Black Mesa facility and it’s research, but dispose of all witnesses, and end the experiments. They did not know exactly what was going on, but they knew they wanted to stop it, and regain control, until they figured it out. They were pretty sure from their incoming intelligence reports that Freeman was responsible for it all. The American Government named Freeman a saboteur and possible spy and ordered him stopped/captured or killed.

The American Military units at Black Mesa will work with the G-man and do his bidding because they believe him to be a NSA official. (Superseding even American Government orders if they were to be in conflict.) G-man eventually helps Freeman to complete G-man race's goals by ordering the American Military on the scene to "forget about Freeman and pull out." The American Military leaders themselves did not give the order for the Military to pull out and are later surprised to find the orders have been given. At first they do not realize where the orders came from.

The G-man is not worried about the American Military as witnesses or as opponents since they were already aware of what was going on at Black Mesa but were not smart enough to figure out that they were being played. The G-man is primarily worried about the Scientists who are smart enough to figure things out, and close enough to actually do something about it. Even if the scientists were to learn the truth, the scientists still do not fully understand the transporter technology and lack the muscle necessary for an effective counter attack. The G-man plans to kill them all shortly anyway.

The scientists did figure out enough of what was happening to know that they needed to stop it. Unfortunately they did not know of the G-man race’s existence or it’s goals. They did not know that the Nihilanth was actually Earth’s guardian angel and instead mistook him for the root of their problems. They sent Hazard suited staff to Xen to try find and destroy the Nihilanth. The G-man no doubt found it very amusing that the one group of people that were possibly smart enough to figure it all out and could pose a threat to his plans, were inadvertently attempting to help him. But most volunteers were not physically up to the task and were killed in Xen. Freeman was the man for the job. If anyone could do it he could. * (See note at end)

The NSA tips off the American Government as to what is really happening at Black Mesa and that the G-man race is partially commanding their troops. It's to late for them to do anything effective about it though so the NSA sends in Black Ops. Their orders are to stop Freeman and the G-man race from completing its goals - whatever they may be. They are to destroy the Black Mesa facility, it’s personnel, and dispose of any person or persons that might compromise or jeopardize their operation. All Military personnel & civilians at Black Mesa are to be considered expendable. The primary mission is to end the incident at all costs. All other considerations are secondary.

Black Ops fails in their tasks thanks to Freeman and Shepard's intervention. (Oops!)

G-man takes advantage of the NSA’s nuke "delivered" by Shepard and resets the timer to a schedule that is more convenient for him and will permit the completion of the G-man race's goals.

When the nuke did not detonate as scheduled, It was assumed that Black Ops had failed their mission. Seeing no other option, the NSA orders American Military troops through the teleporters with orders to search and destroy the G-man race. The troops sent to Xen are decimated before they can even locate the G-man race.

Freeman finds and destroys the Nihilanth. Unfortunately this is exactly what the G-man race needed done in order to proceed with their take over of Earth. The Nihilanth did not want to kill Freeman who didn’t understand what he was really doing, only to prevent him from disrupting his defence of the border world, which was what was keeping the G-Man’s race at bay. The Nihilanth kept trying to teleport Freeman away and explain to him that he was inadvertently working for the wrong team, rather than hurt him. The Nihilanth’s poor grasp of Human communication prevented the message from being delivered before Freeman killed him.

With his mission completed, The G-man destroys Black Mesa (Easily thanks to the Black Ops’ nuke) and prevents the American Military from using teleporters to track the G-man race down to their home world.

Now that the G-man race has gotten rid of the Nihilanth. They can teleport directly to Earth to take it over without the need to pass through the border world Xen.

In the end Freeman and Shepard are none the wiser. (And here you were thinking you were all hot when you finished the games.)

Final notes…

The only big question is why didn't the G-man race take out the Nihilanth themselves. There must be some reason why the G-man race couldn’t enter Xen. This also leaves the question of how the G-man got to Earth in the first place.

And so begins Half-Life 2

The G-man's race has arrived on earth. They have brought their citadel/combine structures with them. It’s been 15 years since the G-Man race arrived. Since then they have taken over most of the world’s major cities. Only 17 remain. 1 of them is Bucharest. Now named City 17. The battle for City 17 is nearly over and is about to fall into the hands of the G-man race.

Thoughts? Let's hear 'em.
Nice. That explanation was perfect. Should be on some guide, hehe. One error though. You said, One particularly bright person specifically was in mind for the G-man’s upcoming mission. Gordon Freeman. It should be, ...upcoming mission: Gordon Freeman. Lol, that's all I could find.

Edit: I really like the explanation of the portals he shoots at you and the communication. Great job. was well thought....good work Jasonh1234!!
Interesting...Could be possible but who knows. According to valve is planning a Half-Life 3 so what is really going on may not be revealed until the end of that game!
Half-Life is one of those games where you want to see a conclusion but you never want it to end. Those situations suck :(. I hope they don't do some other character when HL is concluded (if it ever is). Actually I can't say I wouldn't. It would depend.
just a couple things i noticed.

in the beginning of the game you see the g-man talking to a scientist, like hes telling him what to do. you also hear a scientist say something like "the administrators men have been all over the place this morning". so there are 3 different groups: g-man, administrator, and the "administrators men". i dont know who the administrators men are though.

the scientists were going to xen to get the "anomolous material", not to kill nihilanth. they needed the "am" to teleport.

everything else was really good though, i hope to read more stuff like this in the future.
I figure the administrator's men are just that. His personal staff. No more noteworthy than the Black Mesa security guards.
They were there but that's about it.

The scientists in Hazard suits going to Xen for materials. Are you sure those were the ones Freeman saw when he went? The story is pretty complex and I don't have it all memorized so you may be right.
Very nice, well thought out theory there. One thing, though. I'm not quite sure if it's the G-man race that's on Earth just yet. I've gotten the impression from what I've collected about Half-Life 2 that the G-man isn't quite 'against you' just quite yet. He seems to be using you again. Why would he have need for you if his race's already on planet Earth? Meh. Maybe it's just me.

And why does the G-man carry a briefcase with a black mesa logo on it, if he's "only" an NSA agent, at least formally?
i dont mean any offense at all but there seem to be a few flaws in there, at least in my opinion anyway. First off administrator is the g-man as far as im aware. He was just nick named the
g-man by the half-life community.
Also i seem to remember reading in a review that the aliens in HL1 were just the scouts and those in HL2 were the big guns, which seems to say that they are from the same race, planet. I like most the aspects about the military being double crossed and black ops sent in too silence them tho that sounds about right. ( dunno about ppl being confused about g-man supposedly being nsa and obeying his orders without first checking up his background tho, military especially) also at the end of Op4 the g-man says that he understands that a man like you understands the needs for discretion at times like this, (a man being Adrian Shepard ) but my bosses(or similiar word) arent as convinced as me, therefore you shall be put sumwhere, where no harm can come to you, yet you can cause no harm(remembering this off the top of my head so not exact words) anyway this links in to your story, in that i dont think that the g-man is alien (im not convinced as yet, but a lot of evidence is appearing that points towards this) the reason i dont think this at the moment is why would his bosses be worried about him telling people about what happened, if it does not concern them? however if his bosses were human it becomes more understandable as they wouldnt want to get slammed for what happened at blac mesa. I also think that the
g-man was probably the one who ordered the deployment of the black ops (after seeing how badly things had gone for the marines, as they didnt know what they were dealing with, and realising that they might talk, ordered them and every1 else silenced.) I think however the g-man did want the nihilanth wiped out, but for the purpose of human colonization of other worlds, as the population of earth is a bit large at the moment, or maybe for technolgies that these other races possess. Onto the teleporter technolgy. I know blueshift was made by another party not linked to the first game, but if they didnt want to contradict themselves it's story would have to be relevant to HL1. In BS you get to see the prototype teleporters which the scientists used, and set up on xen, this leads me to believe that the scientists did create the teleportation technology themselves, however you could still be right bcos maybe this other races you speak about made the prototype technology to give the humans an idea of how it teleportation worked and then the scientists built on it, sorry to be so negative but these are my thoughts on the plot you gave that i didnt agree or completely agree with
Just to f*ck with yer head of course...

He's kinda like god...
hmmmmm its a gd idea but i dont really agree.
i still dont think the nihilanth was a good guy....... and im not sure that the g-man is particularly bad.

im more thinking that the g-man is a bit of a power mad human that opened portals to Xen in order to gaina ccess to other alien planets. in order to further the human race etc.

also i thought Doug already said that HL2 was set just 6 months after the first..... not 15 years. cant remember where is aw that though.
also i think the aliens started to occupy o0tehr areas of the world straight after the portals really started opening.... or if your right about the nihilanth then as soon as he was killed. i cant see the nihilanth being good also for the reason that half of the aliens that were kicking your ass on earth were the ones tha populated Xen.

hmm I sent a joke email to gabe a while before I saw this post.. asking who G-Man was and what the name meant..

I told him what I thought it was..

he said: naw.. we just thought F-Man sounded silly.. this may have something to do with it.. im not quite sure..
// GMan - misunderstood servant of the people

It is writen in the Source Code for the G-man. I personally think he is a good guy.
Originally posted by Dux
// GMan - misunderstood servant of the people

It is writen in the Source Code for the G-man. I personally think he is a good guy.

Really? I never knew that.
You..think the G-man is a good guy.......................if you turn out to be right, I'll shit my pants, then eat them.
Originally posted by guinny
You..think the G-man is a good guy.......................if you turn out to be right, I'll shit my pants, then eat them.

I look forward to watching you do that :p
Dude, there's just no way. He can't be good. If he was good, he would have saved your ass a long time ago. And he wouldn't have made you choose between dying and going to work for him.
Ok ok.. break it up.. the voices in my head tell me to kill you all if you don't stop..
Heres a picture of the Code for anyone thats interested in having a look for themselfs.
That's sloppy, can't read anything. :(
Actually it was more like:

Pwnz them with a big stick... do it NOW!
Originally posted by Dux
Heres a picture of the Code for anyone thats interested in having a look for themselfs.

OK .. then this might be a big plus for my messiah theory. :)