Need graphics for my website..


May 14, 2003
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My clan |USMC| retired last november after 4yrs of HL and mods(2yrs of dod) and i will be starting the clan back up again for hl2/tf2. I trashed my old website and am having another one built up for meh. The guy doesnt do graphics though so im looking for someone to do the graphics for the site.
hey shcokwave whats up.. havnt talked to you in a while!
hey whats up man, long time no kill you. whacha been up to
You should offer something in return like money or something or hire a freelancer of a webdesigncompagnie...

No one is doing it for free made :)
ive had tons of great quality websites made for free...usually by posting in the artwork forums of different boards like i did here.
I've only done graphics work, being paid, when someone has e-mailed me, or come in person to ask me....except from those rare and few occastions I've always worked for free?!?