Need some help with Quicktime


May 23, 2003
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I recently registered my quicktime 6.1 and now when i go to watch a trailer on the quicktime site, they are like half the size they should be, like they shrunk, and i know that it is the player because i have veiwed many of the trailers before and they were fine and also i have seen the problem before on someone elses computer and i checked mine before i reged and they were fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?
What trailer were you trying to watch anyway? I'm using 6.1 Pro and its been working fine.
Any trailer on Quicktimes website. The thing is that it is fine regularly but when playing on an internet site like quicktime's trailer page it is small. And it is any trailer on there site that doesnt have a special page made for it, rather the generic white ones.
Yep those ones are shrunk in the browser at least by half the normal size and i think it must be a setting on the player cause it was fine before, Any ideas guys?