New CWMP Renders: M16A3 and PGM 'Hectate' II


May 15, 2003
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New renders from Hiro. Please ignore the "Hosted by free pics hosting thingy, our site is being a douche and is down. again. so i had to hsot them this way.

what do you guys think? (of the renders)

*EDIT* Also, the low res lookign shots id free pic hostsing'afault. They look nicer when our site is up and working :/






PGM 'Hectate' II




Wow those look great. Keep up the good work.

Sidewinder, I Pmed and emailed you about the webpage.
I didn't know there was such a thing as the M16A3, butasside from that it looks like the Charging handle is missing and the back part of the foregrip should be bigger or the front part of it should be smaller since it actually tapers down on some.

*Edit* Ok there is an M16A3 but it's a Sniper Rifle variant of the A2 sorry.
I'd use either the M16A1 or the M16A2. The M16A1 was fully auto but jammed a lot. The M16A2 was made semi-auto/3 round burst to conserve ammunition and doesn't jam that often.
thx for the compliemnts and crits on the models... but you're wrong about the gun...

The M16A3 is the M16A2, except it has the capability to fire fully automatic, rather than 3 shot burst...

world.guns*** "...while M16A3 has a full-auto capability instead of the 3-rounds burst."
Regardless of that it still doesn't look like it has a charging handle on it and if the foregrip is the same as on the A2 then yours is off.

I didn't mean to sound like an ass in my first post, sorry if I came off that way.

*Edit* are you talking about the M-16A4, that's the only thing the Colt manufacturers website has listed greater than the A2. It has Semi and Full auto.
nice images.... I've just got tow things to say:

1. how many polies is that Sphere on the bolt ?

2. Hiro (or who ever made the SVD) ... can you please remake the SVD it looks out of place in with the rest of your quality work....just keep the tri-pod on it :p
the sphere on the bolt was made 8 sided and i adjusted the smoothing groups. The SVD wasn't mine. And i've never seend an M16 with a charging hanldle. the m4 as a charging handle. If you have a picture of a non modified m16 with a charging handle i'd love to see it.
hiro... who made the SVD then? was that one of Sidewinders???

and i don't think i've seen one with a charging handle either...and i've seen alot of weapons..hell i've fired alot of weapons :p
well, no effence to whoever made it but i think you should have ago hiro..... you've slowly earned my respect as a modeller so :p
Yup, that one was Ran.... must have been an off day :) I'm mean look at his other stuff (the SAW, FN 2000)
yer, geuss so.. i geuss we all have those days...

but me still thinks that you should redo it..anyone redo it... it just looks really out of place, witht the rest of them (even though i still think the Sa80's too flat but hey)
Well, I'm gonna have new render's of all the weapons... *cough* with the cool shadows *cough*
HiroProtaganist and Stone - If you've never seen an M-16 without a charging handle then you've never seen one at all because I'never seen a stock M-16 or M4 without one.

Maybe you guys are thinking of something else or heard it called something else so I'll find you a pic of what I'm talking about.

Her ya go, Number 4 is the charging handle......

Here's a nice closeup of it (note the normal one doesn't have the box on it, this one is a modified charging handle)
ohh ok, when you say charging handle i think of a foward handle like the Steyr AUG. A cylinder coming down off the main body. Which the M4 Commando has. I did not realise that little piece in the back was also called a charging handle. And no that you mention it i forgot to model it. no bigee, itf it's part of the reloading i'll need to make it seperate anyway. Thanks

Yeah Ran does some incredible models so it was pobably one of those "looks fine at 3am but when your eyes clear up you start to spot troubles". Though looking closely at it the problem doens't seem to be the model the edges are little bubbly but that could just be smoothing group problems. And thank you for the compliment stone. (i spent a day at least working on the m16 grip getting it nice and round not just a flat box with chamfered edges after you lambasted my Sa80 for it's grips. :)
No problem, I thought about it and I realised you might not have known what I was speaking of. That's what I've always known it as ever since bootcamp.

It's not so much part of the REloading proccess as it is the Initial loading proccess, and it gets used when clearing a weapon jam.

When you reload you just remove the magazine, insert a loaded one, hit the bolt release and resume firing. The 8 minute M-16 reload in Americas Army is nice and all but in combat you'ld be dead before getting halfway through reloading.
Not unless you plan on haveing a nice little animation when you first pickup the weapon where he pulls the charging handle back and checks the chamber, I think it would be a nice little touch.
ahh ye bastard now i wanna to do that anim cause it would be freaking badass. Damnit keep making more work for myself
Originally posted by HiroProtaganist
ahh ye bastard now i wanna to do that anim cause it would be freaking badass. Damnit keep making more work for myself

Hahaha, my bad, I just thought how badass that would be. I really like the little details like that people put in games, it makes it so much more convincing IMO.
The magazine is really off. The indents are supposed to go all the way through the top and bottom, plus it looks like you made it so that the magazine stops right when it gets to the magwell.
The only time youre realy going to see something noticably different on a M-16 or one of its variations (an M-16 is actuly an AR-15 thats had additional steps taken to make it an M-16, on the A1 it was stamped right on the receiver) is when you look at one of the older Armalites. they had a finger hook coming up from the charging handle inside the carrying handle/sight rail.
You should use one of the later M-16s cos they look cooler with the ridges on the grip. And i am NOT talking about an M4. And jamming.. would be crap..gameplay wise. Unless you did it like system Shock 2.
yea, with the ability to use bump maps we can save hundreds of polys by not modeling the grooves on the cooling chamber. and as for the magazine, blah, thats all i have ot say