New Halo 2 Video

Its a lot clearer than the camcorder video from E3, sounds a lot different!
It'll be weird playing it with mouse + keyboard, i hope it is a good game - the general pattern is great game on console = shite game on PC :(

Halo 2 will be ace with a nice big room, a sweet sound system and a 50 inch TV
Halo is, in my opion the second greatest console shooter of all time, only bested by goldeneye.
it is the best console shooter of the current consoles, and it in the top five best shooters of all time, PC and console.

Halo 2, on XBL, will be epic.
I also think Halo is way overrated, if it would come out on PC first, nobody would care that much for the game, in my opinion. I also hate when people start to say that Halo invented Co-op. SS2 was a great game, that nobody noticed, and I don’t know why, but I had more fun playing co-op there, than I ever did with Halo.