New mod.


May 24, 2003
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Ok, im thinking about trying to make a mod just for fun. Dont know how far i`ll get though becouse of my limited abilities in all but mapping. I wont have any website or anything due to this also. And now to the mod itself.

Im thinking of a single player horror game with zomibes as your enemies. Much like what Neil Manke did with They Hunger. The difference is: No enemies can be killed by your weapon!! The way you can kill them is by taking advantage of "traps" thats hidden all around you. I think it will be alot scarier when yu cant kill anything. You´ll have to run for your life through the whole game.

Wish me god luck and then well see when/if ill finish it.
:cheers: can almost do that with only mapping. The only coding you need is that you weapon dont make any damage to enemies.

Im not a good coder so i cant help you.
I´ll need to change the zombie models into a less hl model to. I want them to look more like zombies out of Night of the living dead or resident evil.

Btw where They Hunger a one man project or did Neil work in a team?