oh no, im a noob again :p



hey everyone, i thought i would take some time to let you know a little about this hl2 admirer. i'm 16, and live in the comfy town of Redondo Beach, California. I like to play music by drumming(im learning guitar), drawing, wrestling(the real sport), and surfing. Then there are the Games.
I am definitely not new to half-life. I initially fell in love with Counter-Strike and bought the retail version, and in the last two years i have played cs along with day of defeat, natural selection, firearms, earths special forces, and beaten half-life quite easily. Sadly, since hl is one of the few engines that will run with my crappy video card, i decide to see evrything that makes it tick. about a year ago i started mapping for cs, but have decide to stop playing cs for the crappy environment that many ppl make it. i heard about hl2 about 3 months ago and have been drooling ever since over movies, screens, and articles. i cant wait for hl2, and all of the potential things it now offers.