Oh Shittt Read This!


May 19, 2003
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Some new half life 2 website opened and its totally different stuff like articles and news and shit but what really caught my attention was this.....


BTW it's the last picture at the end of the page and its a whiteboard with some text...but bad news is when you click it..it sends you to another HL2 pic...someone needs to fix this to make it bigger so we can read the issues that need to be fixed!
DAMNIT, im sorry guys i read wrong that article is new but its from the making days of HL and that has nothing to do with HL2...only the making of HL. Sorry about that...dont reply back, let this topic disappear pages and pages away from the very excisting popular and chatting first page of the forums. :cheese:
i read the first page...this stuff is bores me....iwant to know about HL2, not the damn fat stuttering staff people.
You post something you did't read yourself..

You guys should actually read it. I just did and it's pretty interesting. Goes over how Valve as a company came to be, and goes through the development stages of Half-Life.
lol, any Article that has the word Half-Life in it, regardless of wether it has the number '2' on the end gets people in a buzz :)

Altho - was raver frustrating that all the pictures were linked to the one of pasty faced Guthrie :bounce: