Ok what demo are they talking about here?



This is from the gamespy preview, page 3:

" For his trouble, we hit the Strider a few times with our shotgun, and you could practically see the life drain out of the creature, as it collapsed to earth in a convincing manner. It was, by far, the most impressive demo we saw during the day, "

I didn't see no demo with a strider getting pump-shotty and die. The E3 demo's didnt show the striders actualyl dying.
Gamespy visited Valve before E3, where they were shown demo from 2002, September
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Gamespy visited Valve before E3, where they were shown demo from 2002, September

So this wasnt shown at E3? So there is no video on the net to see?
I think you can see guy shooting Strider (sp?) with shotgun or something in Teaser Trailer.
Yeah.. with a nade launcher.. and THUGENSTEIN.. stop spamming this board by asking dumb questions that has been answered everywhere for 100 times. search before you post something.

If you have a thread ideah that hasnt been talked about go ahead and post it.. but stop making dumbass threads. and I am not talking about this thread but the other threads.. like the one about the crowbar.. sjeesh first you sak what is wrong.. and thhen you say.. ow yeah.. I notised that the first time I saw it.. thats just irritating
If you want to know, many important games jouro's actually got to play the game at valves headquarters months before half life 2 was shown at E3 just so they could get thier previews online and in thier magazines etc.
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not a nade launcher, its the OICW

Which has an inbuilt 20mm nade launcher... So he was sort of right... :cheese:
I saw a nade projected towards the strider so I called the weapon a nade launcher.. I am no goddamn weapon specialist.
Its a G-launcher thats for sure... He dosent shoot bubbegum does he ??