OMG...did you see that 50meg HL2 footage?..


May 14, 2003
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Its included in that 206meg file that has alll the movies in it...It is unfriggin believable what this engine can do...Did you see G-Man in that first floating mirror thing? That looks so friggin real i could swear this isnt a game...The characters look more realistic the closer you get to them..

OMG...that first look at gman is freakin me
the link to the 5 movies doenst work, can someone host the files?
i cant get over it...he looks so real in those first images of him and its not even a good quality recording of it.

He looks more real than this ingame!
omg d00ds this game...will rox0r j004 box0rz! its gonna be so sweet, can't wait to play! must...go...pre...order....NOW
shock wanna gimme the link to this? Or send it too me lol.
They were Totaly GR8 !!!!!
This game gonna ROCK !!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by Calgar
Those movies was great!!!!



oh yes! i just finished watching those....... i'm still drooling..
Everything ROck that has do do with the game !!

Stay tooned at E3 !!
God dam any one got the links to these new Vids what Sockwave is talking about.? the one with the G-man :)
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Man, I think it's actually possible to (insert inappropriate comment here) to this movie it's just so fricking good...
heh. S'funny. When the screenshots first came out, all the guys at Scary's Shack were going on and on about how, well, HL2 looks nice and all, but DO0M3 just blows it away in terms of graphics (and sure, it does use higher polycounts and more complex shadows and stuff).

But after tonight, they've all been going OMG THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVAR!!! (especially at the long soldier battle) and "well, Doom3 may have better graphics, but my system will never handle it, and it can't possibly hold a candle to HL2 in terms of gameplay....
Good jebus halflife 2 looks so awsome and the physics man! They rock! omg! Cant wait for this game, i just saw the movies btw!
Halflife2 > Doom3
I think i will skip doom3 and concentrate in Hl2 :thumbs:
Silentkilla: I hope you get 2 see the 206mb vids soon

they were un &$)!$@% incredible!
Doom 3 will have a style that no other company can match, even if it isnt based on cute little character developments more like HL2. It's just a different type of game. I think doom3 will scare the shit out of you, halflife 2 won't.

When I saw the HL2 vids I was stunned.. after I saw em I looked at D3 and I thought that HL2 look both nicer and have better GP !

soo HL2 will Rock D3