On topic of discussed a million times.


May 28, 2003
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Dont see why people are saying, wow thats old realy old, or thats been discussed a million times, as i see it this board hasnt even been up for more then 2 months. I mean some people come here only once a week, or even a month, and there all like.

"Damn man, thats so last week."

I say these nerds need to go get some a$$, and stop obsessing over hl2. Dont get me wrong, I definatly want to play hl2, i map, code, and model in hl1 right now. Cant waite to get my hands on that hammer, and start making me some leet tech maps myself, i mean who doesnt want to see a combine soldier falling down 100 ft of stairs?

Anyway, obsesion is not good, unless its something like money or some good sweet a$$, thats just my opinion anyway.

... God this topic is so last week....
In my opinion, sarcasm is used in every damn post, that it is not funny anymore. Can you get more original, than this post?
Someone had to do it, otherwise it just....just wouldn't be right, the universe would have caved in or something.

I don't think sarcasm is used in every post. And another thing, why do people say sarcasm is the lowest for of humour? When its used by someone with any form of intelligence its quite funny. Although i do admit most of the time its just taking digs at people and thats a pretty cheap form of humour.
Yes it can be used right, but most of the time it just looks plain stupid. People re-state their opinion with the same line you just said, but with different tone of voice. I think it takes more to make a good joke.