Perdition- The Dark Storm




My Name is Ithmaril, and I’m one of the leaders of a new HL² modification project, called „Perdition- The Dark Storm“. This multiplayer mod takes place in a dark future, where mankind just entered a final struggle against its greatest creation, the Artificial Intelligence.We already have a working team structure, and now we’re looking for further talents to join in- Our complete team is from Germany at the moment, but of course we’re also open for artists from all around the world.
Here’s the link to our temporary information page:

German version:

There, you can find all the public information which is currently available, as well as the contact adress you need if you want to post comments, ideas or join in. By the way, the member listing is not up-to-date anymore, our team has already grown again. Additionally, there’s some first progress, which can be seen in our team board.

Thank you for your attention.

Hey Ithmaril, welcome to the forums. As for your mod, Perdition - the Dark Storm, I was excited about the premise until I read, "Everybody who has seen the second part of the short film "The Second Renaissance", should already have a good deal of knowledge about the setting of our modification" because, well, it's unoriginal. You've basically renamed Animatrix: The Second Renaissance, seeing as the story and quotes are basically the same. Still, the Matrix is a solid base, and has the possibility to be a solid game. I wonder though - there was a thread about a Second Renaissance mod, are you familiar with this?

EDIT - Here's the Thread (Second Renaissance Mod...the Matrix without the Matrix) - EDIT
I think Draklyne is the official person to say if mods are crap/good, you got some real good responses and stuff there Draklyne, just like Vangor in the PHL forums :D
I'd answer that, but it would sound egotistical. My head's too big anyway