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May 25, 2003
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Mine is

Post yours! Personal does not equal HL2 fansites.
Mine is just an attempted comedy/rant website.

Go on post yours too.
i have a personal porn site, but i dont think thats good to link.
Hahaha... you don't need to be leet to have a website, check mine out :D
You need to be leet to make a website haha, i never tried, but i dont know where to start
actually when i look at it probably it is pretty crap wot the hell is this stuff.

Although most of the content is ancient now (1995-1996) but it has translations. By today's standard it looks like crap though. In 1995 there were no animations, flash, or much dynamic anything.
Im in the process of making mine, and getting attacked by pop-ups from yours.
Not mine, but my clans (i cant do decent websites for shit)

[Ringer Patrol]

No funny jokes about the name, and no, we are not a gay clan :p ;)