Postal 2


May 17, 2003
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Have you played this freakin ... sick game?

You can pee on dogs, kick them or anything like that.. really sick ;) Banned over 10 countries.. :)
it's only fun for the first couple of hours...then it gets boring IMO. because there is not enough point nor story to drive it forward....besides the mutulations of people are rather limited when considering that it's the only purpose of the game.(SoF2 let you mutulate people better)
fun for a bit, but then it's reptitive and boring. if your into warez or something, or if you could rent PC games, this is for you.
well i think Postal 2 uses the " ragg doll " thing.. When you kick the body it's kinda like the ragdoll effect? :)
It's fun to some extent. But some things are overkill..
Originally posted by geeK
well i think Postal 2 uses the " ragg doll " thing.. When you kick the body it's kinda like the ragdoll effect? :)

it does...and what's your point?
Ive actually finished it :x .... not recommended, since the ending totally sucks
yes the ending is really horible... Although the secret outfit's usefull, and the special abilites fun for a while...
secret outfit? hmm i guess i never explored that, unless you mean the gimp suit
Best part is playing decapitated head ball with your dog. or peeing on school girls. :cool: Get's old really fast tho =/
Yeah it does get boring really quick :(, One of the reason's I uninstalled it was because of the load times :)
yeah, shit man you could take like 2 pee breaks and still have time to make coffee
the new patch reduces the load tiems tremendously and they added a few new levels and some new secrets as well :)
I enjoyed it for about an hour or two then it got boring. The same thing happened almost every mission. You go somewhere then right when you finish your mission you get ambush by like 50 people. Wethter it was rednecks, video game protestors, people who hate books, some talaban people, butchers or cops the same almost always happened after every mission. Although killing Gary Coleman was fun, I say the game gets boring quick.
While the killing is fun and the graphics good, the loading times are abyssmal and as an FPS it's totally shit. The combat is boring and the enemies take too much damage. So... good violence, crap game.