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Prismal Impact is a tactical FPS for Half Life 2, merging the unique teams and weapons of games such as Natural Selection and Aliens vs Predator with the gameplay of tactical military games. The gameplay will be focused on team initiative- a single person is useful on their own, but when they merge (As crystals) or operate a vehicle with a team mate (as the USMC), they become much more powerful. The crystals rely on a variety of "grown" weapons to fight the invaders, while the USMC is equipped with next generation weapons (caseless 5.56 mm assault rifles, concussion grenades, as well as a few prototype pieces of equipment). Expect to see many types of very near future technology going head to head against a wide variety of spikes, lances, shards, microwaves, and the other deadly contrivances the crystals have adapted to use.

(a more detailed version can be found in the design doc)

In the early 2020s, a fragment of Halley's comet, diverted by an encounter with a rogue asteroid, blew up in Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific. A short time later, crystal structures began forming around plantlife on Molokai in the Hawaiian islands, eating away at the plants and eventually killing them. Attempts to destroy the crystalline forms provoked the crystals to form more complicated and intelligent mobile matrices. The USMC was sent in, but their weapons were ineffective against the entrenched crystalline lattice that covered the entire island. Molokai was nuked.

Now, two years later, the USMC is going back to Hawaii to root out and destroy the crystals on several other Hawaiian islands. Nukes are an option of last resort, because while Molokai was an island with almost no infrastructure, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii have all become major centers of commerce and technology.

Other Info

PI has been in development for a couple of weeks now, and we have a fully completed design doc for anyone who wants to know more about the mod. If you want to see the design doc, or if you just want more info, please post in this thread. This is the VERY abridged version of our mod concept (the design doc is over ten pages), and we have a lot more info should anyone want it.

Finally, here is the current team working on Prismal Impact:

Myself- Head honcho. I spend most of my time atm giving feedback on ideas and various pieces of concept art. I also moonlight as a scripter (when we get access to the sdk, that is).

Mr. Jones- Coder. He doesn't have a whole lot to do right now, so he spends his time refining the game concept and writing backround information.

Eno- Concept artist. He's hard at work creating the visual look of PI, as well as helping to flesh out the gameplay concepts.

Fossa- Voice guy/artist/psychopath. Fossa is going to be doing voice macros and battlechatter for PI, and can also be coerced into doing concept art. *shakes fist*

Spartan- Artist. Spartan is currently being briefed on the gargantuan task of creating the visual look and feel of the crystalline lifeforms.

Note: if you do have an interest in helping out with the mod, please say so in your post. Also put what your area of expertise is.
"He is still..."
"Only human."

Ha, I like those lines. But on the mod; the concept is good, hardly original, but good. I sense a little bit of Far Cry as well. I wish you the best with this project as it will surely capture the hearts of various types of gamers across the globe. You seem to be dedicated and posess a professional integrity; both extremely valuable in terms of success.


...the funny alien from Lilo & Stitch. Coincidently, the movie takes place on Hawaii. :)
Thanks for the support, but I just have a couple notes...

First, I picked Hawaii not for its scenic tropical vistas :cool:, but actually because it contains all but 2 of the dozen or so climate types on Earth (useful to have a small geographic area, but wide variety of terrain).

And second, I admit the mod does sound a bit bland... most of the really interesting stuff is in the design doc (I would have attached it, but this forum is a product of Satanic ritual :devil: and won't let me attach a word file). Here's a sample:

The Recombinator (a versatile support, infiltration, and attack crystal structure), can merge with the Refractor (a fast, stealthy form) to create a Straker, which has more flexibility and firepower than either of its components (or both added). However, unlike a vehicle, which spawns in one location and must be aquired there, the crystal mergers can be performed anywhere there is suffient room, and undone anywhere as well... this gives the crystals tremendous flexibility and opportunity for on the spot teamwork. There are 3 simple first tier mergers, 1 more complicated first tier merger, and 1 second tier merger that requires two mergers themselves to merge.

We've tried to add a few new elements to the tried and tested formula that makes tac-ops games so fun to play, as well as adding in a hefty dose of old fashioned warsim fun.
Great. I hope all goes well for you and your team.
Good luck to you as well. Should be a really nice crop of mods for HL2 if the activity around here is any indication...
Affirmative. If you have any mod concepts you wish to distribute to the community, check out the thread titled Mod Concepts.
Originally posted by Stitch
Great. I hope all goes well for you and your team.

yeh, same here, sounds interesting, specially the mergers:thumbs: :thumbs:
Thanks for the support. It's going to be a long hard road, but I'm determined to see this through.
Dont forget to register your mod at to gets loads of publicity!! :D
pah! we're on moddb, and what has it done for us? nuffin , :( nobody cares :( ...... moddb aint gr8!
I registered, but I don't think I'm going to put up my mod. Best it can do is sit there, worst it can do, some idiots all give it 1s and then everyone hates it.