Project SAFAN ...HL2 mod


May 13, 2003
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To clear up name Safan is the way they zombies talk .

The current synopsis for the mod is your a rich man who lives at the top of a town called Boone. Mean while your at a home a group of aliens the locals call Snarlies (because of a snarl they make) attack, say theres only a small force, they underestimate us, get whooped after infecting a few citys alone. Humans that are infected are super zombies.

Thats your synopsis so far. Its liable to change at our will and below is the help we need.

Concept Arist ( To start drawing the Aliens, Zombies, Humans, vehicles, maps if you can draw any of these please help.)
Modelers ( To start making weapons and characters)
Skinners (To skin everyhting that is done)

Tell us what you think.

Can also be found at

We have
3 concept artist
2 modelers
1 skinner

One character modeler when we got more concept done

We still need help post if you would like to help.
Is this a single player or multiplayer mod?

Either way I'd say it needs more content and gameplay to be anything more than Half-Life 2 with super zombies. ;)
I know what your saying but thats only skim the full plan changes it alot from hl2. And anyone that has joined team realises that. It will also be mp and sp
are there any direct correlations to the resident evil series? (besides the obvious i guess)
Not really that I know of the story and plan is being developed by azz0r of moddb when we are done with that and a site you will know everything or if you join to help you will learn more
Snarlies :\... anything more vicious? hehe
thats not there scientific name Its name given by the locals.Think about it if people are in panic they wont give scientific name but the name will be released later.