Project Safan - Horror Modification for HL2


May 13, 2003
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{Terminator-eque woman’s voice walks through the basic seed of the story while shots of aliens fighting humans and winning and mainly losing are show}

In the present day it seemed humans were alone, animals were tamed; animals were fenced, killed and put aside. With a world without threats from outsiders humans thought they were untouchable and so humans fought amongst themselves over religion, land and power, until one day.

It all started out as a normal day, half the world rested while the other half awoke. Nothing unusual about the June 14th, that was until a strange blanket blocked out radio communications, most electronic signals and cut humans down to there basic primal levels with no technologies. In the wake of disaster human nature flourishes and both dies. Within hours looting and fighting broke out amongst the scum of society, within days a community was drawn together and survival and knowledge was the key. After almost a week of a blackout the world began to tremor like it had never tremored before, the power could be felt throughout every human bone, every human muscle and every human vain. After days of tremors which led to destruction and chaos a large alien ship appeared, and a bad situation got worse.

The aliens moved in quickly, for every human that could carry a gun there was two aliens that could throw 10 humans like paper. Humans perished, fought and tried there best to fight off the invaders, all was not simple though. Soon after being slashed or thrown by such aliens the human body would change; re-grow and flourish into a beast. Alien genetics differ from our feeble creation; aliens DNA kills the human will, thought and body constraints. Soon humans were fighting infected humans who looked like drugged up body builders with blood oozing out of every crevice. After a week or so bodies begin to fail and the muscles grow outwards shredding the skin like grass on a lawnmower.

Then communications returned, finally someone had cracked the blanket the aliens had created and soon the command to nuke half of the western and eastern world was ordered by President Bush. Within hearing this the aliens fled, fearing and knowing the destruction of the world would waste there time and cost millions of human and alien life. The alien ship fled, however some aliens still roamed and still infected, the infected humans mutated to be ever powerful and soon the disease of the aliens was a bigger threat than the aliens themselves, this is where our hero’s story begins; Jarrod Stevens an upper class English silver spoon licker with no ambition in life but to follow in his fathers footsteps stepped out of his bomb cellar to see what had happened.

{During the above speech footage is shown of aliens attacking, humans mutating and screaming into the players view, buildings collapsing, Japanese; English white; black Americans and strong jawed Germans being killed and trying to fight back. As the story starts to end correlating to the speech the nukes are shown which fades into the alien ship disappearing sharply out of the sky}

Jarrod, his two boys and a wife of 35 who’s life ambition was to marry a rich man sat twiddling there thumbs, occasionally talking but due to there rich careless lives they all led separate lives that occasionally mingled; they did not have much to say to each other and daren’t communicate like a normal family. After the radio signals returned a large sigh of relief filled the bunker and the thought of normal life ensued, that was until a navy order came through crackling like a snake about to bite…

“Sergeant Briscoe do you read? The orders set to destroy Boone have been cleared by the president; I repeat orders to destroy Boone have been cleared by the president. You have 48 hours to pack up survivors and leave before the strike, nothing will be left standing after the strike; <stronger tone>nothing</stronger tone> - Charlie 4 - 10 over and out”.

With that; panic crawls back into the minds of the family and Jarrod forces his way out the shelter to investigate. The children protest to being locked into this shelter any longer especially when they’ve just heard they might be bombed, but Jarrod explains that there only hope is him finding the soldiers and getting a lift out of there. From there the family sits in the shelter worrying about there father and worry most importantly about themselves.

Your journey starts with a simple walk to the house where you locate some items. A knife, your hunting rifle which you use weekly to kill defenceless deer’s with and the trusty town map, being so upper class you haven’t really ventured into the city below because your aids usually do everything for you. As you venture round the house looking at your pristine expensive lavish rooms you realise that the aids are in there rooms and you rush up to find them. As you enter the aids quarters (a long walkway and staircase down to a cellar like quarter) you find a note.

“I loved my ex wife, I loved my children, I loved this life, but I didn’t love what I almost became, please tell my family (if they are alive) that I will see them later - Steve”

Followed by 4 other paragraphs by other staff with similar themes. With the dread of mass suicide in his stomach Jarrod opens the door (a heart beat blasts out your speakers as you approach it through a blinking lit corridor).

You open the door slowly and find 5 swinging bodies hung by ropes that seem to lie round the neck like a bracelet. There dead are staring at you; glaring at you, watching you with no pulse and no remorse. However despite feeling ill and frightened you spot an address book; presumably used to call relatives and pack it up.

You flee the scene in horror and head towards the house through the now-seemingly longer-corridors to reach a phone and call relatives; police; anything. When you do reach the phone you call the police station and receive no answer, so you try a direct number to ‘Charlie’ who we know as your sister’s boyfriend who also is head sergeant at the local police station. After a brief discussion on the phone (his voice seems a lot slower and a lot deeper Jarrod comments after putting the phone down) you head to the police station after Charlie says to meet him.

You step out your house, the camera pans to you glaring at the sky as a helicopter buzzes over header, the camera pulls out to the gunner on the helicopter, he raises and eyebrow and with that the plane swoops out of shot, and back into your vision on jaron; the journey begins...

Other Information
Maybe the aliens plan all along was to infect a few towns, cities and one or two countries and let the infection spread, then one day in the near future return to take over planet earth and finish what they started. Maybe, just maybe, they are smart enough to not hang around and wait to get nuked; it’s safer to return after you’ve set the dices rolling right? No-one knows for sure.

Humans that are infected are indeed super beings slowly transforming into a human-alien mix. Instead of shuffling towards you like normal retarded zombies you 'read' about they possess the power to communicate with each other (by aliens speak passed on through DNA) thus confusing humans and the player more.

These infected humans lurk on every corner, scavenge in every building and ponder the streets looking to spread. Your town; Boone, is where you were born and raise, you and your family live in a luxurious mansion that you grew up in. The mansion is located at the top of the village, where its safe, fenced in and over-viewing of the whole town.

Along your way you will bump into family, friends, business associates and military, all there to help and aid you in the quest to find out what went on when you was in your bomb shelter, and what is to come of the human race.

This mod is going to be based mostly on horror we are going to work on making it the scariest mod/game out there.

Our mod profile is at

We still need more concept artist though if you got a scanner and paper and can draw please help our or if you can computer draw thats just as good.

Multiplayer is still not decided at the moment also.

Website is being worked on but if you believe you could help us with a site contact me.

Or if you believe you could help with anything contact me because we are still in need of help but we do got some and are getting work done.

Hope you liked the story Post what you think of it.
interesting......make sure u check out our mod on moddb, i cant remember the url, so ull just have to search for Operation Everlasting Shadow (PLUG!).....o and btw, moddb aint liked that much around these here parts, lol! gd luck
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sounds very interesting..i would like to do some concept art, and map for you, if you nees it!

(sry for any spelllling mastaikese a little drunk :)
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