Proof that the G-man is not human



everyone listen to the nihilanth.

sound file:

nil_man_notman.wav. The nihilanth is talking about the g-man. give it a listen.
i know this can be a bit stupid statement but i think even freeman is not human :p just see lot of pictures and walpappers and...why gman and freeman have green eyes ? mm in the box of Half-Life year of the game, that i bought, freeman have green eyes too.
ah yes i know how, just download the half life model viewer and open de pak0.pak and go to sounds and there are nihilants sounds
im from spain and have sounds in spanish but he says.

"you are human, and hes not, he is waiting for u..."
is that right ? maybe im wrong with the translation.

check this too ni_slaves :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame:
this has been talked about in several other threads..
but yes Fyd that is what he/she/it is saying
hmm, i think if we check all teh languages we'll be able to cross reference this good!
"You are man... he is not man... for you he waits, for you..."

Creepy stuff!
or nil_alone :)

lol the words of that big baby is making more sense now with the HL2 story in mind :bonce:

I dont see any proof with that scary voice and creepy line...
Its not that im stuck with my idea of him like a human its just that that sound isint really convinsing...

Please give me a reason to believe that he is a alien. :bounce: