Question on the full HL2 movie...


Jun 23, 2003
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Hi, I've been looking on the forums for ages, and decided to join.

I'm just wondering, does anyone have any idea on where to get a lower quality version of the full 500mb movie shown on Gamespy? The current one runs crap on my system, and slows down (I hope to get a new comp before HL2.)

Thanks in advance if anyone can help...
man there is no low quality of the 500 mb movie.
There are many parts of the 500 mb video in bad quality but is more interesting to see it in high quality, burn it on a cd and go see a friend with a good computer to see it and enjoy the video.
Oh yeah one thing for the people who don t know it : with the 500 mb movie there is a scene we don t see inside.
The part when gordon have his crowbard and he is attacked by flying robot with knife or i don t what they used and in the end of this scene we can Gordon jump somewhere in a tunnel and join Alyx, they see the a Hydra and a marines jump a ladder and after that the hydra grab the marines.