May 19, 2003
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Ok so i downloaded a movie that is like 1of2 and ive burned these on seperate discs but when i put them in my dvd player nothing happens...what in the hell am i doing wrong and do i need a certain program?
Umm... How are you burning them to discs, what burning rom are you using? How old/new is your DVD player?

Are you using video CDs or DVDs?

EDIT: Damnit lone, you beat me to it. My post is much more thourough though.
Im using Nero burning rom and i think i burn them just as a data cd.....
actually im using Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum. Im using a regular cd-rw drive that came with my dell 8200.
Alright, Go to the wizard then click CD > COMPILE A NEW CD > OTHER CD FORMATS > VIDEO CD > Finish

They need to be .mpg(.mpeg) or .avi's Your DVD player needs to be able to support VCD, most do, but some dont

EDIT: DAMNIT your second post through me off. This is for Nero, EASY CD Creator 5 should be something like this.
Ahhhh also burning on "Memorex CD-R 700MB 80 MINUTE (compact disc recordable).
ahhh thanks very much but are those cds ok to use?
Yes, the CD doesnt matter
most likely....i have a pretty new sony dvd player and another one that is even better...pretty sure they support VCD. Also if the quality is kinda bad and sound then it wont look all that well on the tv right? lol that was a no brainer but just want to make sure.
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If you want to create CDs that can play in your DVD player I suggest you go to

There are multiple VCD formats not all of which will play on your model. The site tracks each model of DVD player so you'll have a better idea. It also explains everything tuts, links to software, etc.