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May 16, 2003
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My primary Mod that I'm working on tight now is a sort of Retro Sci-Fi mod. The year is 1987,but its from the perspective of a 1955 movie. I've named it "Invasion Earth: 1987". I'm using every cheezy old cliche' from a lot of the old Sci-Fi movies and shows.
Sort of Forbidden Planet, Battle in outer Space, Mysterians, War of the Worlds, Earth VS the Flying Saucers, etc... with a bit of "Mars Attacks" thrown in for extra funny Martians.

Anyhow, here is a work in progress model of a Westinghouse-Browning Raygun that will be the standard weapon of the earth forces.
Right now its a bit over 900 polys, I expect around 1200-1300 when I'm done. The reciever and powercell(magazine) are still just basic blocks. The buttstock, forward handguard and grips will be woodgrain. The rest peobably chrome, grey and black.

The Punisher
Milkshape woohoo! - Ha, hardly. That damn program got me through the early beginnings of my 3d modeling career. And I hate it to this day. I can't believe I was using it. But nice model.
Milkshape woohoo! - Ha, hardly. That damn program got me through the early beginnings of my 3d modeling career. And I hate it to this day. I can't believe I was using it. But nice model.

Ya I use Max too, but on My computer Max runs alot slower than MS and I'm not doing anything complicated here. For SIMPLE tasks like buiding this gun I seem to be able to work alot faster with Milkshape. I'll probably be focusing alot of My energies soon into learning XSI.

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Loool.. I really like the oldschool raygun. I think it would be great to play dah mod.
mod sounds interesting... more info?

Well, I've been thinking about it for quite sometime even before news of Half Life2 broke, lately I've been starting some of the modeling and planning maps and scenarios. Its being done as a single player mod right now, but could also become a co-op mod later (depending on how/if co-op is implemented.

Invasion Earth: 1987
This mod is sort of a homage to alot of the old Sci-Fi flicks of the past. Mostly Movies and shows that pre date the mid 60's.

IE:1987 is about thirty years in the future, the future from the perspective of a 1955 Sci-Fi flick.

I'm drawing elements from several movies such as , "This Planet Earth", "War of the Worlds", "Forbidden Planet", "The Mysterians", "Battle in Outer Space", "The Day the earth Stood still" etc...
I'm also a fan of the 1980 movie "Flash Gordon" and "Mars Attacks". Mix it all together and this is what you get.

The Martians are landing their Flying Saucers(we dont call the "UFO's") in rural areas and strange things are going on.
People are being killed By the mysterious space aliens. You are a soldier a newly formed brnach of the military. I dont have a name picked out yet, but it'll be kinda campy, like "Rocket Command" or "Space Force". Youre first missions will involve trying to stop the Martians (you just know them as Space Aliens right now)on the ground. Early missions will resemble a game of "X-COM" with soldiers leaving their base in high speed aircraft and landing at wherever the alien landing site is, and trying to eliminate the enemy with minimal civilian casualties.

It becomes apparent that some people are not being killed, but abducted by the aliens. It is noted by youre Scientific staff that they are all Females in the 18-26 year old range. The scientists conclude they are being taken for breeding stock.
This portion of the plot is influenced by "The Mysterians" mostly.
It is soon discovered that the Aliens are coming and going from the Moon. The rocketship development program is accelerated rapidly and at some point you will take part iin a mission to counterattack them on the moon, and hopefully rescue the damsels in distress. The Lunar battle is very heavly influenced by "Battle in Outer Space". 2 rocket ships will land on the Moon, each deploying a lunar vehicle carrying a squad of soldiers.
the lunar battlefield will have a landscape and skyboxes generated from the same heightmap with Terragen.

After the Lunar Battle is concluded it will be descovered from some of the VERY FEW earthgirls present at the lunar base, that the girls are all taken to Mars!

The Next stage in the game begins and fight is taken to the surface of the Red Planet. Mars will have a breathable atmosphere in IE:1987, or in the 50's techincal terminology "It has AIR!". Mars will have vegitation and canals, evrything however will be a bit on the reddish side.
The game will conclude eventuly with victory over the dreaded enemy on Mars.

The Gameplay, will usualy involve a squad of soldiers, instead of the one man task force usualy seen in single player games. Each mission will start at youre main base. you'll report to youre superior, and recieve orders. You then procede to the armory to draw youre weapons, and then procede to youre departure craft. Ine the early stages of the game you'll deploy in a high speed VTOL troop transport, and later you'll be leaving in an Art Deco style Rocketship. the flight will alwasy be kept brief, and will be an oportunity to give the players details about the landing site and last minute intel.

Each time you are at the base you'll notice its a bit more built up. Construction will be ongoing through out the game. One mission you'll notice new launchpads and hangers being worked on. nest time they may be finished.
You wont be finding health kits or ammo in the field (except from fallen comrades). To het healed you need to return to the ship and have the Doc heal you. If the coding works out okay we'll have a Medic in the squad. The ship will have a small armory to replenish ammo, and is equiped with some additional weapons.

The Martians are somewhat inspired by "Mars Attacks" byt not quite so rediculous. Still funny, and realy enjoyable to kill. I'm even considering re-creating that awesome alien dialog from "Mars Attacks", "ACK, ACK, ACK ACK!!!"

The Martian Invasion will escalate during the game, and fighting will even come to the urban areas at times. At one (or more)points in the game the aliens will make retaliation raids on youre base, and you'll be in a defensive mode.

Most of the old movies and shows had only Male soldiers, but a few(very few) had fighting Women too. I have decided to have a few Women soldiers (about 1:4) and am currently working on a female soldier model currently and will be posting some images later this week.
Its intended to be a fun to play mod, definatly not realistic,scientificly flawed evrywhere, very campy, loaded with bad Cliche's etc...
Its also to be a testbed for modding techniques for My next mod, Colonial Warrior 3D, a Battlestar Galactica mod that will be VERY different from IE:1987.

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