Aug 30, 2015
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For those who are seeing this project for the first time, here's an official description:

Resurgence deploys you in shoes of a young resistance member, who have escaped from Nova Prospekt thanks to one free man, and is willing to find his old friends in order to reunite and fight together for the future of the human race. Arrive at City 37 to help regain the throne from the falling empire of Combine and bring back the world we all knew at one point.
Mixing the best of oldschool and newschool, Resurgence brings a breath of fresh air into the Half-Life universe with brand new storyline, new set of original characters, a whole new arsenal of weapons and it's own vision of future guerilla warfare.

Key Features:

» Heavy emphasis on the story
» Brand new set of independant characters
» New arsenal of over 30 weapons
» Equipment customization
» New and unique locations
» Side missions
» Enhanced visuals
» Original Soundtrack

Now a little backstory:

Back in late 2014 we have experienced a major setback which dissolved a lot of game assets, but I've chosen to take this little unhappy event as an advantage and chance to rework some game aspects I didn't really liked but it was too late to change them. So, for the last couple of months we were doing our best not only to bring back Resurgence to life, but to make it better at the same time.


You can now visit Resurgence website to learn some basic info about the game, check some fresh screenshots, info, Soundtrack Preview, brand new "Rise" Trailer and first Gameplay video. If you like the game (keep in mind it's still at VERY early development stages), feel free to join the community on our freshly opened Black Phoenix forum to discuss and share your thoughts.


We're also looking for more help in the development team (primarily level designers), check the jobs section if you are interested in joining us.

Have a nice day!
Nice lighting and pretty good level design. The biggest problem probably resides with the Source engine itself; to me it seems that if this was for Source 2 (not yet, obviously) or Unreal it be a lot better, not simply for rendering improvements, but because of a better workflow that would help you design the details better. Still, good job!