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Which Rig

  • Alienware (Area 51, etc....)

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • Dell (XPS, Dimension...)

    Votes: 7 21.9%
  • Gateway (whatever....)

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  • Build Your own (.....)

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  • Other (ABS....)

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May 14, 2003
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I think i'm gonna invest in a new Rig after the summer to play these new loads of FPS's. I'm putting in a pole. Please explain your answers.
I don't have time to build my own. I'm gonna get a Dell with the Radeon 9700 TX 128mb. It's just like the Pro, but is underclocked a LITTLE (and that can be fixed with overclocking) and it's $140. That's less than half the price.
Price, satisfaction, and you are only buying stuff you need...
I would say build your own with Dell being a close second. Alienware make the fastest PC's with the best looking case but you can build the same thing for half the price elsewhere.
Dell sucks... You can get the same PCs for quadruple the price at Gateway so you KNOW it's good. Plus you can trade your one year old PC in for like 100 bucks!!! NOW THATS A DEAL!:upstare:
If you have the time, or the money to have someone eles do it for you I would build it yourself. You can pick the processor, the Motherboard, the Ram type and speed, PSU, graphics card, sound card....... and so on.......

I have a AMD XP 2100+ on a ECS K7S5A, 512 MB DDR PC2100, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, Sound Blaster Audigy Platnuim, 450 Watt PSU,Dual 120GB IBM 7200 hard Drives, 16X DVD-ROM, 40X CD-RW, so on.....

CPU: If I was you I would go with a AMD XP2800+, or if you like Intel get the P4 3.0, or 2.8.

Motherboard: Get a good motherboard. Like a Abit, Asus, or something with a KT400, or N force 2 chipset.

Ram: you want DDR PC2700, or if you get a motherboard with a N Force 2 chipset get PC3200, or PC3500.

Hard Drive: 80,120,150,200,250 GB Western Digital, or IBM 8MB Cache Hard Drives 7200RPM is what I recomend.

Video Card: ATI Radeon 9700 pro, 9800 Pro, (dont get Ge Force FX 5200,5400, or 5800 it's not worth it) Or for the latest and greatest you could get the Ge Force FX 5900. (I recomend the Radeon 9800 Pro [R350] )

Sound Card: if you want good sound go with a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2, or Audigy 2 Platnuim.

CD-RW: just about any 24X or faster CD-RW will do you good. I Recommend a 40X or fatser, because they are still cheap and have good performance. something like plextor, or Lite on will do good and cheap.

DVD-ROM: 16X DVD-Rom drive Recommended. Lite-on is what I use. They perform good, and yet are still cheap.

PSU: if you gonna be running all this new hardware it is gonna need lots of power. I Recommend (at least) a 400 Watt PSU. I use 450 Watt. Don't get a offbrand name PSU get a namebrand product, it is worth it.

Case: if you are into overclocking the best kind of case would be an aluminum case. (are more expensive) I use a metal case with a side window, and 2 side fans. (the more fans, the better: but, the more fans, the more noise.)

Hope you like my advise, and take it wisely.
I've never built my own, but I know I have the ability to, so that's where my next PC's coming from :)
build it yourself, but if you have to buy one then get an alienware.
you can save hundreds if you build your own

i know i did
The last PC I bought was several years ago and I’ll never buy another. If you’re wondering if you could build your next PC, try taking your existing one apart. There’s not a lot to it. The worst bit is installing Windows.
If you build it yourself have fun! Its cheaper by alot like everyone else says here. Dell is just for the name, im on a dell right now it sucks ass, it is a year old but you cannot upgrade anything but the ram or video or sound in this pos. For the 800$ i paid for this i could have made a killer machine at newegg for half the price almost.
Build your own as i have many times...But this time around i actually saw a PC worth buying.(because it pretty much ended up being the price of what i was gonna put together)

VPR Matrix(Best Buy's own computer systems)

They actually use all quality parts unlike every other PC company out there, and there prices are Decent.

heres mine(upgraded the vid card though)
I think i might actually build my own:

Abit mobo
1GB pc 2700 DDR Ram
Intel 3.0
Radeon 9800 Pro
Chieftec 1080 case


If not I think i'll buy a Dell XPS

...after the summer...
Build your own or have one custom built for you. Find yourself a little computer shop that does custom builds, don't go to a big retailer as you will end up paying twice as much money just for the name on the case (which means absolutely nothing). Most computer components have their own warrenty so the in-store gaurentees offered by large retailers aren't really a big bonus. I bought my last computer from a guy that assembled them in his basement. I paid half what they wanted for the same rig at Future Shop, and got better components with more expansion slots etc. Over the last two years I have totally rebuilt the computer myself with cheap components I've found at electronic trade shows etc.

Yesiree, custom build all the way!
Here's what i made at newegg.com couple weeks ago and refined it since for the price (which comes out to $430, Shipping is $17).

Lite On 52x Black Cd Rom
KINGMAX Memory 256MB PC2700 bga ddr (x2)
LEADTEK Motherboard K7NCR18D-PRO
AMD Athlon XP 1800+/266 FSB

Should run halflife two and all the other games i own fine at medium to high settings)
One more suggestion. Don't get the latest and greatest processor unless you've got money to burn. Get one that's a few months old. A couple hundred MHz will be barely noticable, but will cost a lot more. Besides, that pentium 3 GHz will be old news itself in a few months.
How so? Home computers might see 4ghz but after that i bet its going to go paralell or something.
You're probably right Trueweltall, parrallel processors are like the next wave . However, I can't see shelling out for a 3GHZ when you can get a 2.5GHZ and put that extra cash towards a kick-ass graphics card. Of course I'm a poor grad student with barely enough funds to feed myself.
that should be "are likely the next wave"....I'm not, like, a surfer dude, like, totally not, for sure
Ramen Noodles are .14 a package ;) Yeah im on a real tight budget to im going with an amd, Intel is alot better though itd be nice for amd to have some killer fsb speeds.
compusa builds custom computers for free...all you do is buy the parts from them and they will build it for you.
Ill be getting a Mesh system. Very good value for money and component choice is excellent. No way am i buying Dell. Everyone i know with a Dell has had some major error with it.


HL2 is coming!
Crap drop my top rig (at this time) and upgrade before its out!!!!
Everyone cracks.. its not enough power MASTER! MORE! WE WANT MORE!!


To be honest I think everyones worrying to run HL2 at its best.... I have the following:
512 PC2700 333mhz ddr ram
radeon 8500 pro 128meg

Now I gonna keep this still for about another year+.. I have a feeling it should run HL2 to the max fingers crossed and perhaps doom to its max without any AA or FSaa etc....

If you have anything near this or higher then keep it for now till closer to the time of HL2... as you may go waste ya dads money :)
Build your own! I recommend an AMD XP-Barton Processor (cheaper and better then Intel), a good motherboard -note: thats not the most expensive one... (i like Abit and Epox), dont save money on RAM its always good have, you must at least have 512 MB! Be sure to get high quality RAM too, so you can overclock... and of course ATI Radeon graphic card, but not pro, overclock it your self instead!

I recommend you to hang around overclock-sites, they know what to get, and there you can get information on how to overclock your computer - thats the cheapest way to get a fast comp at low costs!
Yea m8 and the quickest way to Melt your CPU if you dont know what your dooing:eek:
yes, thats right of course, but on the other hand its not that hard... as long as you dont change voltage (if you dont know what your doin that is :) ), and keep your eyes on the cpu-temp. Get a few extra fans and a good heatsink -and your pretty much on the safe side....
bleh.. soon as half life comes out i reckon im gonna upgrade meh comp... prolly gonna get a Alienware Area 51 or Dell XPS.. dont wanna bother building it.. takes to long and if some parts conflict.. you dont have anyone else to shoot.. but yourself
Dont get a dell. You cant even change the motherboard on them. Its bloted into the case. There system is setup completely different than a regular built pc. There on power switch was connected to the front usb slots. Then a cord going from the usb slot to the motherboard. Not sure about the Alienwares tho. There a bit pricey eh? My best bet is build your own.
Gonna buy myself a Radeon 9800 Pro after the summer.....
Must play HL2 with high FPS...
Originally posted by Laguna
Gonna buy myself a Radeon 9800 Pro after the summer.....
Must play HL2 with high FPS...

You can always look forward to the new Geforce FX's as well since a new gfx will be out by them. Might be a little pricey tho.
Prolly gonna go with alienware.. not that pricey.. bout the same as a Dell with the same config.. kinda :p
But y not an XPS ? huh? The Half Life 2 movies were playing on an XPS...
like what?

Dell XPS
3.0 ghz
512 mb pc2700 DDR
120 GB HD
Radeon 9800