May 31, 2003
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With the Half-Life 2 engine coming soon I've been thinking of mod ideas. I finally got one in my head and decided to go with it. I took the time to write and outline of the mod.

1. About
Rivals is a multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2. The goal is to take advantage of the engine and create a unique gametype which will be discussed below. Rivals consists of two teams, both being criminal gangs. Each team has its own way of doing business. The team you choose ultimately decides on which methods you prefer. The teams have their own advantages and disadvantages.

a. Teams
The teams are known as the Suits and the New Age. The Suits are very professional. They often use silenced weapons and tear gas. Stealth and precision are their best ally. The New Age are the flashy pretty-boys trying to make a name for themselves. Using heavy weapons such as assault rifles and explosives, the New Age simply overpowers the oppostion.

b. Weapons
What good would a game be without weapons? Each team will use their own weapons, but CAN pick up an enemy weapon if they choose. The Suits will have the following weapons: Mark 23 (single or akimbo), SR-25, HK5 and M4A1. All of these guns are silenced, which is one of the advantages of the Suits. The Suits also have a sniper rifle available to them, whereas the New Age does not. The New Age arsenal consits of: Desert Eagle, AK-47, M60E3, Winchester 1300 and the Sig 552. As you probably have noticed, the New Age has more powerful weapons. You may be asking yourself, why aren't there that many weapons? Well honestly, there is no need. Organized crime isn't worried about what model they have. If it shoots it works. However, these weapons are not set in stone. More might be added or some of these may be removed.

c. Items
Along with weapons, each player can take some items along. Also like weapons, each team has their own items. The Suits will be able to take from the following list: night vision goggles, tracking devices, tear gas, gas mask, lockpicks, and defusal kits. The night vision goggles are excellent when all the lights in a building have been destroyed. The tracking device can be put on an enemy to help locate their hideout. The tear gas can easily wipe out a room of enemies for a few seconds, however it will also wipe out your teamates if they do not have a gas mask. The lockpick will be used to gain entry to new buildings, and the defusal kit will defuse car bombs. The New Age will be able to choose from: body armor, car bombs (hopefully), high explosive grenades, and C4. Still playing it safe, New Age can choose body armor, but their speed will decrease. The Car bombs are excellent from stopping the enemy from returing with the objective. Grenades for blowing up players and C4 for blowing doors and safes. Again, these items are still under revision.

2. Gameplay
The gameplay is the main focus of the mod. If the limits of the engine are pushed too far, graphics will be sacrificed for gameplay. Hopefully this will not be the case. The goal is to create a unique game mode that will interest everyone. As of now, it is called Campaign mode, and will be described below. According to the limited information released about the engine, vechiles will be a strong possibility, and will have an enormous role in the mod.

a. Game Modes
The Campaign mode is all about time, not kills. The server decides how long each round lasts, but by default they will be around thirty minutes. The maps are going to be relatively large. City blocks will be explored by the players. The idea behind Campaign is pretty simple. The teams must choose a building and establish a headquarters. This is where the respawning will take place, where the objective will be brought, amoungst other things. One player will be chosen on each team (either by random or some other method) that decides where the headquarters will be. Now each team has the same objectives. For the most part they will be stealing (dimonds, gold, bling bling) and returning it to the headquarters. The catch is that there are more than one objective. Either two or three will be available depending on the map. Once you capture an objective you can put it in a safe at your headquarters. Only C4 or a lockpick can open the safe, unless you are trying to open your own team's safe. Now your probably thinking "Great, I captured the objective. My team won!". Right? Well you didn't win yet. The match will not end until time runs out. Therefore teams will constantly be switching from offense to defense. Another feature planned to be implemented is the ability to move the headquarters. If the enemy is on the other side of the map, and have both objectives, it would be rather hard to steal them and return them.

b. Points
Points really aren't important at all. The only way they are used is as a tie breaker. If each team has one objective each, and time runs out, it's a tie. The way the winner is decided is by whichever team has the most points. Killing an enemy will get you 1 point. Capturing an objective will earn you 2 points. Returning the objective to your safe will get you 3 points. Opening an enemies safe will rack up 4 big ones for your team. Now you may be dominating the other team in points. But let's say there is a minute left in the round and they capture both objectives. They will be the winners. Remember alls fair in love and war.

3. Development
As you can see, this is a rather large job and will take some time. Fortunately, there is still months before Half-Life 2 is even released. During this time, many things can be worked out. Also models and textures can be made. With a dedicated team, this idea can become a reality.

a. Positions
Basically the same as in every other mod. The coder will obviously have to have coding experience. It will take time to discover everything about the new source code, so patience is key. 3d artist for making models (weapons, characters, vechiles, etc.). The animator will have to...animate the models. 2d artists are responsible for textures and skins. Mappers will have to be VERY patient. Due to the complexity of maps, a bunch of mappers will be working on the same one. Sound engineer for sound effects and voices.

I hope that wasn't to lengthy. Anyway, feedback is greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute in anyway, please PM me or reply. Thank you.
Wow.. nice idea.. very well written. I think this would be a great mod and I would like to see it in development.
Question: can these "silenced" weapons be un-silenced?
Originally posted by Stitch
Question: can these "silenced" weapons be un-silenced?

These "silenced" weapons could be un-silenced, but what would be the point? Now that I think about it, they are probably better off kept silenced.
Originally posted by Insert
yeah nice idea, but how about player limit??

Yeah, that is still a topic of discussion. We still need more info on the Source engine. Either way, the plan is to keep it relatively small. I would say 9 v 9 is a fair estimate at this time.
Some gamers like the sound of their weapon firing off; muzzle flashes exploding, illuminating the area around them, bullets splashing into everything in sight; intensity reigns. That is the point.
then you need to choose the "New Age"
Originally posted by EVIL
then you need to choose the "New Age"

You got it. The team you choose depends on what you prefer. If you want your "muzzle flashes exploding", the New Age is for you.
The site is now up. Check us out here. We are currently in seach of modelers. PM me or e-mail me if interested.
Nice and clean site. good coloursheme to. maby add some blood spat's around your logo.
It's just a free template with a banner EVIL.

<!---- Free Template by [url]http://linkworld.to/elitezone/[/url] - Creator: iLLuSioN ---->
<!---- User Friendly Template Editing ---->
<!---- In order to use this free template the link at the bottom must stay intact ! ---->
Topimage :).. I find it awwfull that somewone still uses free templates. It really makes me looze all respect for the concept off this mod because it looks like you just want a fast website done that has not reall importance.

I was looking at the "Arsenal" page on youre new site.
May I make a request? I would like to see the AK-47 done right!
So many of the games I have played treat the AK-47 as being just a different looking equal to the M-16 and other .223 (5.56 NATO) chambered Weapons. There is a huge difference in knockdown and penetrating power of the 7.62x39 compared to the little 5.56. I've fired about 3,000 rounds through the various versions of the AR-15 series as well as a few ruger Mini-14's and have fired in excess of 15,000 rounds through My AK-47's and I can tell ya, it ALOT different! Make them different in youre mod.

The AR-15's recoil is almost a non event, while the AK-47(NOT the AK-74)recoil is alot more noticable and takes some effort to maintain good control while rapid firing Semi-Auto. Full fire is fairly simple to control on the M16 while Full Auto on the AK-47 takes a quite a bit more skill and physical strength to CONTROL(anybody can just let em rip).
Whole books could easly be written about the pros and cons of both weapons, and still not completly answer the question of which is better. But if you have the time and patience please make the two perform differnetly in their own way.
The M-16 will be alot quicker handling, lighter and more likely to hit the enemy, but theres also much less penetrating power if the target is behind cover. .223 ammo is also alot lighter as are the Magazines themselvs (more compact too).
Maintenence isnt something you can realy simulate in a game, but the AR-15's gas system is one of the most complex around and also it all gets filthy inside after just a few shots. It requires constant attention to keep clean and reliable. The AK's system has the most basic gas stystem around and vents the gas(and carbon) out small holes just behind the upper part of the gas block. Very little carbon buildup occurs anywhere in the reciever at all. Firing off a full 1100 round tin of surplus chinese military ammo leaves less filth to cleanup than just one 30 round mag on an AR-15. The M-16 would be very ill suited for untrained rebels, terrorists or unhappy conscripts who are stuck in the field and never clean anything, here the AK is king. If both weapons come to battle prepared both will function fine, but the AK can usualy show up dirty and still work fine, the M-16 is another story.

Anyhow (I'm starting to rant), If you're mod can reflect the differences between the two it will add an element of realism missing in most mods and even professional games.

I better stop here before I get carried away.
No problem Punisher, you just keep on talking. This is interesting reading. (for me, cant speak for everybody else)
I like the sound of this, it sort of reminds me of good old Bagman for Kingpin. For those of you who havent played that, it was sort of a CTF thing except you collected cash which was dropped in the middle of the map and took it back to your safe. When you were killed you dropped all the cash you were carrying and the big goal was of course raiding the enemy safe. The team with the most l00t in the end won.

Who cares where the web-site is from? Does a web-site make a mod? I think not. It's not like I'm taking credit for it either. That's the problem with modelers today. They know some Flash and think since they have an über site their mod will be a success. Well we'll se...:dozey:
No a website doesn't make a mod, it presents your mod.
like a sort of frontpage (best I could come up with), an advert that informs, people sadly do judge mods on websites tho..... I do really like your ideas though, to dynamically opposed teams...well i do! best of luck
I seem to ask this of every mod, but....

Does Rivals have single player?

Over and Out
ok i'd like to join your team .. I don't know a lot about coding but i have PHP/Pascal/Visual basic and Java experience .. i'll try to learn the SDK as FAST as possible .. I'l also prepared to do a PHP site for your team that is easily upgradable and such. fe : news, screenshots .. stuff like that. Just contact me if you are interested .. oh yeah i suck at designing and i have some other great ideas for additional gameplaymodes .. :)
Websites don't make the mod it is the Team that do.

And Obscene is far from a 10 year old with an idea.

I'm currently modelling the M4A1 for rivals, this mod is the one of the more original ideas for HL2 mods and requires dedicated members (i know i'am)contact obscene for more details.

My MSN is [email protected].
Originally posted by SpoBo
ok i'd like to join your team .. I don't know a lot about coding but i have PHP/Pascal/Visual basic and Java experience .. i'll try to learn the SDK as FAST as possible .. I'l also prepared to do a PHP site for your team that is easily upgradable and such. fe : news, screenshots .. stuff like that. Just contact me if you are interested .. oh yeah i suck at designing and i have some other great ideas for additional gameplaymodes .. :)

PM the boss (obscene) as far as i know we could use someone with your skills.
And me. class mod though, and it would be cool if every biulding was designed so if it was actually built it would work, with ventilation systems, maintenace accesses and power supplies. that way the Suits could knock out the power on a New Age stronghold and, clad in NV googles, could sneak in through the vents. Oh, and Punishors post I found interesting too.
the website dont work for me.... but its says:

The Web site you are looking for is unavailable due to its identification configuration settings.

so i think you need to change the identification settings :p
The site is unfortunatly down at the moment.

What we need are members i do not joke when i say this is the mod to watch. We need more people to get the ball rolling

Obscene has posted on many a forum on this mod, the replies have ALL been positive and many all suggesting ideas to improve the concept..... i'm the only one to have joined and I consider myself a core member.

Obscene is a programmer
I'm a modeller.
we both have much experience and expect the same from other team members

It's easy to join a team when half the work has been done. But there is so much potental with this unique and very original idea! we know you all see it! so join us and lets make the best and most original mod for HL2!!
We still have a few positions available,

Modellers, Mappers, and people with knowledge of PHP

Contact Obscene for more details.
Nice idea, kind of sounds like a Splinter Cell team vs. The Specialists (HL Mod). I would definately try this mod out. I love the idea that the teams are meant for different types of people, it's just like what my mod is doing, have the Team players that rely on tactics, etc. vs. the unconventional guys that love to run around shooting.

Best of luck to you! :)