Single Player BREED demo out!

So is the breed demo even worth downloading?

I don't know if you guys feel this way, but after seeing the HL2 E3 video it feels like all other games aren't even worth playing. HL2 makes all other other games seem obsolete.
GOD! this game suX!, the engine is tottaly rubbish and weapons are tottaly rubbish...hehe...urm....yeah everything is
I havnt tried the demo yet.. the game looks nice
ITS SUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this from looking at it after you seen hl2)

nah its ok...and remember its just a demo ;)
Ill DL it at school tomorrow.. It looks pretty cool in the vids tought..
I wanted to kill the commander (that, or remove the stick he seems to have lodged up his ass). The ladders auto-throw you off when you reach the top. It seems like you slide down a hill when trying to walk up it at an angle. The graphics? Did they buy the UT source and build off of that? It felt choppy, as well as the aiming seemed difficult.

Going up the ladders? OMG, I swear, I can go up a ladder w/o swinging my head about like a crazed monkey; this guy can't.

...taking out their radar with a mini-gun turret mounted to the dropship was kinda cool, though.
Originally posted by Limited
...taking out their radar with a mini-gun turret mounted to the dropship was kinda cool, though.

Yeah but they call it "ubergun" HOW THE F*CK CAN YOU CALL A GUN THAT?!

Sooo funny....and the game sucks.
I thought it was very poor.. didn't really expect much of it either :/
They make us wait all this time for this?!

My faith in CDV is dropping rapidly.
uber gun ? What the f-ing hell ?!?, BWHAHAHA this thread is making my laugh so much :D
CDV's recent track record isn't great...

imo they are becomming bad publishers :flame:
I played planetside beta and I thought well ok this is w8 for breed to r0x0r the world and stuff like that...but its crap :/ had a good look at it again it is just not good...they need to put in a lot of work to sort out the gameplay
I found it too slow and boring, and god that person that orders you around (cant remember his name), sheesh what a NUB!! I hate his voice, it so annoys me!:flame: :flame:
I played this game for about 40 mins and uninstalled the game. This is a good demo but of a really poor game..