So apparently shadows/reflections are visible...



This means one of three things:

  • The player's body is visible in first person view
  • The player's body isn't visible yet his shadow is, which will cause the awkward impression of being a hovering eye ball
  • The player's body isn't visible and that effect is avoided entirely by the removal of the player's shadow

So, which one will it be?
So which one will it be?

I dunno. Maybe you know? Cuz non of us know that, you realize that right. Which is why I'm thinkin this thread should not go past this post =P :cheese:
Or maybe it's the occasion to discuss the possible outcome of this problem, which I believe is the ENTIRE PURPOSE of a forum dedicated to an unreleased game isn't it?
Originally posted by farcelet
Or maybe it's the occasion to discuss the possible outcome of this problem, which I believe is the ENTIRE PURPOSE of a forum dedicated to an unreleased game isn't it?

Well most unreleased games, the developers DO release alot of information. But when it get's the point where every little bit n detail has practically been overlooked and analyzed it's quite pointless to start more useless speculation. In this case we don't have any information to work with so I think we should just sit tight and wait for more information to come, then we can discuss. Because what's the point of discussing possible outcomes when the only thing that matters is the actual outcome. Maybe that's why I haven't started any threads yet.
Unreleased games' developers give the people information about the upcoming game so they can discuss it. Not ask questions about things that no one has no clue about. In HL2's case, so little info was released that it's all been ripped up and analyzed up the ass. Now there's nothing more anyone knows, so why not just sit tight and wait. And perhaps go do something else with your life while you wait. No flames, no dissing, just discussing things.
The thing is I wasn't aware anyone had already discussed any of this as it's fairly far off from your average "HOLYLLOL SHIT DUDE I WONDAR WHAT WEAPRPONS THER WILL BE IN HALFLEIEFE TWOO!!11" type thread, besides I downloaded the 600mb video and it runs like shit on my minitel meaning it runs just about as fast as HL2 WILL run on my machine so I didn't get to see the player looking down.
Ok Im going to answer your question as best as I can. In which case this answer will be as close to what anyone else would know.

Looking from those videos the player, looking down, does not see his own body and does not see his own shadow. But since the build in that video dates back to Summer 2002 we may infact expect both to actually BE visible. Enough speculation. Over and done with. =P
That is the only reason i dont like you Thug, not because of your sense of humour or your personality or anything but it is your inability to just let people talk about shit. You dont start any threads because you just want to come into other peoples and tell them to stop guessing about shit in the game(why should you care anyway?). Just let people speculate, it keeps people interested in the game and makes them hungry for more info. I dont understand, every thread i have ever seen that asks a question which makes people come up with ideas and speculation you go into and say this exact same thing, and that is why you keep getting banned, because how can a forum be productive and fun while being on topic if you cant speculate. You would have the same topics over and over. Then you would say something about "Stop posting the same shit". I think you need to just get off these game forums and go find a chat or something.
Thug, the last time you got banned was because you started a thread called "Racial Issues". I'm not sure what you call bringing up questions about Alyx's parents but it sounds like speculation to me.

I think it would be neat if your body was actually a model in game, though it seems a bit of a waste of polys and shading for something you would almost never see. Additionally, seeing your legs never looks right in an FPS, because the rotation works all wrong. Real people have more than a single axis of rotation for looking around, but all we have is the mouse. So when you look down to see your legs, the perspective moves all wrong. It also, obviously gets in the way of your view.

However, what I don't quite get is how it works in games in which you can see your own reflection AND you can't see your legs. How can your model both be in the game to show a reflection, and not be there when you look down?

In any case, the v_models still seem to be in, and they really aren't the same as a full player model.
Hmm, I have never seen an FPS where you can see the player model. If one like that comes out, surely that fact will be made fun of in all of the reviews.
In serious sam, they had reflective floors. If you looked down, you wouldn't see your legs, but instead you'd see the bottoms of your feet. Which looked lame.

Anyhow it was said the roundtable discussion that source did not support "correct [subcutaneous] reflections"

I'm not sure about the meaning of subcutaneous in this context but I think it means that reflective surfaces are only possible with inaccurate reflections, such as the warped water reflections which we've already seen. My best guess, there will be no player model for reflections or a player shadow. The guys from valve kept talking about how they wanted to get all the graphics to the same level of realism for consistancy (ie they didn't want to make some bits look really good, as it would be really easy to spot the bits that didn't look so good).
"subcutaneous" means "below the skin" It was obvious from the context of interview that they were talking about human characters, and, specifically, their skin. Real human skin has several layers of reflection: they don't do this. Not a biggie, and it doesn't have much to do with standard reflection. Standard reflection is a breeze with current shader tech (check out the gorgeous water reflections/refractions)

Many FPS games have mirrors where you can see the player model. Q3 had it. So did Deus Ex.
So did HL1!!, remember the reflective floor map ?, that rocked a bit laggy tho :(