Softimage XSI


Jun 8, 2003
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Hey does anyone know a way to get Softimage XSI to run on a non-NT base?

Or am I going to have to spend some money, on NT, cold shivers at thought
uhh... what are you talking about.. softimage runs on xp.. just select the xp 98 whatever version to d/l. i d/led XSI experience pretty much full version of softimage.. for xp.. no problems.. great modeling prog to.
Wher can i find that one?!? , i've searched and searched, even resorted to kazaa, Eww cold shiver Ewwww....
yer but it's only a trial version, not all the features, would ba available.... ;(

Oh well, it looks like it'll have to do untill, i can "Aquire" the full version
for modeling for HL2 you dont need all those fancy rendering features etc. some peeps still use Milkshape3d. Even notepad has more features then milkshape
Even notepad has more features then milkshape

Dang, and I thought I was "old school" for using Milkshape as much as I do.
Looks like I'll get serious and start entering co-ordinate position numbers manualy in notepad. Thanks, now I see the light :)

Anyhow, about XSI EXP, I have found the winXP version but I didnt notice any versions for win98.
You are right on the mark about unneeded features in the higher end software for game modeling though.
the only desent software packet I seen that runs on win 95, 98, 98se are 3dmax and cinema4d or something like that. maya and XSI dont have any support for win 95, 98, 98se (unfortionatly)
Yes, The only decent 3d software that runs on 98 are 3dmax and cinema4d (although the new version of 3dsmax doesn't now ;( )

Looks like it time for a long needed overhaul!?!
the thiungi dont like about XSi|EXP is the fact htat you have to run at such a high resolution. the text hurts my eyes that that res. and you cant use big-text with it.
I've been going out of My way to avoid having to "upgrade" to XP, but I am also under the impression that XSI is going to be the best way to go for HL2. Looks Like I'm gonna have to give in. Damn you Bill Gates!! I'd like to be locked in a soundproof room with that pencil neck for 30 minutes! We'd come to a new understanding about what an operating system should be like :)

Anyhow, I guess its XP before september 30 :(
Max 5.1 doesn't run on 98? i;m running MAX 5 on 98 just fine. God i hope i don't have to change OS i hate the other OS's except 2000. f'ing microsoft and their f'ing XP.