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May 14, 2003
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I know this is sad but I know that I wan to be a programmer in the future and I dont know how to go about it or where to do any research.
Can some one help me out.:borg:
Thats what I mean
I dont know
cant someone just give me a website with lots of basic stuff about programming?:borg:

I finished my last exam on monday I'm trying to sort a modern aprentiship out.:borg:
Originally posted by nietzsche
I would like to have the part of the programmer who made a fortune selling somebody else's OS to IBM and now runs around in a bathrobe all day, in a house of beautiful young women. duh! :dozey:

Doesn't it make you mad?:flame: :flame: :flame:

Wait did you invent windows?
Originally posted by nietzsche
No, but the lovable ladies...

If you're talking about Bill the Gates, he's married and has a technogeek mistress.:naughty:

The house full of beautiful young women, that's my house.

I assure you I don't let them check my nuts for cancer.:rolleyes:
Most programmers are going to steer you towards PC programming, and thats great. But if you also have an interest in electronics and stuff like robotics, anamatronics, control systems, intelegent toasters, smart houses etc... You might look into Embedded programming. Its alot more specialized and a bit off the beaten path, but could open up some oportunities.
Programming fundamentals are the same, but the hardware will be much different.
You could also try out the game development industry as a programmer. Although that is an amazingly competitive industry at the moment.
As long as you're willing to compete with Indian Tekkies making 50 cents a day, you'll do fine.:thumbs:
Originally posted by nietzsche
The game development industry doesn't outsource its software development to Indian IT folks.

Perhaps, perhaps not, I was talking about programming in general.

In any case programming of any sort is highly outsourceable,
kind of like IP hosting for German S&M sites. It can be done from anywhere.:borg:
Originally posted by nietzsche
Mr. Bean wants to get me into a menages-a-trois with him and his teddy-bear. :O

/me runs off yelling "SLANDER! not my teddy bear, my pet iguana!"
Who was it who slept with a teddy again?????

No, don't worry it was one of my mates... :p

Mr Bean.... didn't he get sucked into a cartoon world or something?? :cheese:
Originally posted by nietzsche
That's a fatal mistake. If software development is your primary field and you absolutely depend on the quality of it, then you better do it on your own.

Why? The only concerns are cultural really, your development team has to share the end consumer's culture, so that the consumer will understand and relate to the game.

Otherwise, there are plenty o' talented people out there.
Sierra is owned by a French company.:farmer:
Originally posted by nietzsche
My conviction goes even deeper: When i depend (financially) highly on the success of my game project, i want all persons who are part of my team in the same spot. Working remotely over the internet might be OK for MOD development, but not for professional game development.

And Lordblackadder, your points are really moot.

EDIT: If you're a big publishing house like Sierra, you can have foreign development teams working for you. That's true. But i was talking from the point of a development team.

Most game or even interface development is deeply cultural, so that work will be done close to the home market.

Coding though is highly transferrable. I don't mean telecommuting either. The whole operation goes.:burp:
Originally posted by nietzsche
The whole operation goes? Have you ever worked under pressure on a game project? I let you believe what you want to believe.

Great burp that you included into your message. You're certainly good for the entertainment value on this forum, but not for a discussion about professional game development.

Look maybe in Germany it's different. German workers don't have to worry about foreign competition because it's illegal to fire them:burp: .. 'scuse me.

I'm not pretending to know how game development works, but programming in general is easier to outsource than manufacturing. Yet we've seen factories fold and open somewhere else. Sure if you have a tight crew or whatever, then unique advantages exist, there are exceptions. Game development is also heavily cultural, so that may have many such exceptions.

I'm primarily talkin' general codin'. Not game developin'.
Originally posted by Shodan
I know this is sad but I know that I wan to be a programmer in the future and I dont know how to go about it or where to do any research.
Can some one help me out.:borg:

I work as a programmer .. but I hate my current job. My advice is to try to find a job where the programmers perform the "core" function, not "support."