Spin offs



So, once HL2 comes out, what do u reckon ..... will there be spin offs like there was for HL1 ? My guess is that valve and Sierra would be mad not to be working on this already, which I'm sure they are ..... wot do u guys think ?
Try and name games that dont have spin off's or add ons.
Its financial stupidity not to.
Half-Life 2: Occupying Forces

A agmne where you play a combine soldier thrown into this mess... :E

Half-Life 2: A bit more Blue shift

You play the game a bit more as Barney Calhoun.
Half Life 2 The strider Wars
You get to play as one the big cool looking walker things(I dont remember there name so ill call it a strider till someone tells me the real name)
They are called... Striders!
you were way off. :dork:
There will be expansion packs, I'm shure of that :)
and lots of mods.. woot.. can't wait.

Nice avatar henrik!
That would kick ass if Half-Life 2 would have a "deathmatch classic" with quake 2, just as how Half-Life 1 had "deathmatch classic" with Quake 1.
How about getting to see it through Gina's eyes, being as you dont know what happens to her. I think you play the PS2 or something, but where is she now? She had a hazard suit too.