Steam being updated .. for HL2 media?


May 27, 2003
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Erik Johnson

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Steam Service
There will be a short period of Steam downtime while we do some maintenance of the servers to prepare for the next update.

This should last no more than 15 minutes or so.

Thank you for your patience.


It's getting exciting now :)
lol here is our convo just like 5 minutes ago.

tokin says:
hi erik
Erik Johnson says:
tokin says:
are you guys shutting down steam for alittle while?
Erik Johnson says:
It should be back now.
tokin says:
ok thanks, also you probably wont answer this but are you guys going to be bringing updates on TF2 before HL2 gets released
tokin says:

haha and that was the end of it.
It's downloading something called Steam_7.pkg .. very interesting. :)
Do you guys have a download bar when getting Steam_7.pkg? I'm not...
EDIT:nm, it's there now, server must be slow
Apparently they tried implementing a new version then reverted back. Notably the HL2 media section in ClientGameInfo.vdf was slightly changed during that brief period.
Steam doesn't seem to be working at all anymore.. i get this..

Error: Recieve Failure, Winsock Error 10054 "Connection reset by Peer"

Anyone else getting this error?
Hmmm I'm on Steam Right now. I was just playing CS 1.6... I went like 16 and 6 in maybe 6 rounds. It was fun.
That's nice. My friend is like bext in Ontario, insano..
Obviously your friends friend need spelling or typing lessons on how to spell BEST :)
Looks like they revised the home page as well. Definitely gearing up to add more Steam server providers to expand the distribution base for future Steam releases (er, like Half-Life 2, for instance).
rawr... i just restarted Steam twice and no steam_7.pkg d/l'ing...
That was from the other day when they released version 7 then took it back again.