Steam: why no new version?


May 14, 2003
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It's been quite a while since they last released a version of steam. Yet there are some pretty obvious bugs in this beta that could easily be rectified. Like: why does it try to connect when there is no internet connection, and then crash? After it's crashed, why does it claim that there is still a version running and it can't start up again when there's nothing running? There are no progress meters, no way to disable uploading, and the meters are all wrong (157kb/sec rate on my 56k modem? I think not...)
that's why it's still BETA. They don't care if you can't get it to work now because technically you're not supposed to be having it. It wasn't publicly released by them as a working version. wait until it's not beta
I know it's beta. Technically, I downloaded it right off their public site, so I don't see why you;re acting like it's hush hush. It's on Fileplanet for goodness sakes. But for betas you'd normally like to at least correct major pointless bugs that prevent people from even getting to the features you really want to test and learn about.
theres a new update coming soon, if you right click on CS and goto properties and then the updates tab you can see whats new, and that steam not shutting down properly error is fixed, as for the auto connect thing, well i dunno, take it out of your startup ;/
another new update is coming that addresses the steam improperly shutting down if you go to properties again :)
If it gives you the message that an "instance of steam is already running" then this is because the process steam.exe is still running in Windows Task Manager. Simply close this and then restart Steam.

Steam seems to be a very buggy and memory leaking software, even for a BETA version. Some errors point to bad memory management etc...

I do hope it will be continued to be updated.

btw Can anyone get Ricochet to get updated, this is the only thing I am missing - it keeps crashing on me when trying to update?