Dunno how but i got steam but my friend can't. CS 1.6 is that good. The arms are really white and the gloves are really black. Doesn't look right. you can't edit the models either. (suppose to stop hackers) but a good thing is that it haves more guns,:cheese: like a FA-MAS and a riot sheild.:eek: I just get a riot shield and camp in the vent! i'm unstoppiable!
:cool: :cool: but then someone comes down behind me or lobs a nade behind me ;( , owies:borg:

don't ask me why i tried to put a banner in.... i was expolring! me have to go now.:cheers: :bounce:
I played with Steam for 5 minutes and got annoyed

although new versions of the game are on there, its verrry slow at the best of times, and for some reason even though u are not playing a game, steam takes up all ur bandwidth, and also starts up with ur machine, and the only way to stop that is to take it out the registry manually!

although i do like the teleporters on TFC
i hate steam..its a good idea but its just complicated..
how can i get steam ? says "Coming Soon" on this site....was I too late ?
Steam sucks so much and its only fore broadband users :(

Still remember when they released the new patch fore half-life and cs,tfc on steam system overload 1 our after they released it they took it off there site

soz my english :(