Striding Along in My Auotomobile

May 15, 2003
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OK, the striders do not appear to be organic (at least not entirely so) as they have machine guns etc. That raises the question: "are they entirely robotic or is someone in there manning the controls?" That of course raises the question: "might they be drivable vehicles?" Although highly unlikely, it would be rather cool to pilot a strider (it would certainly make multiplayer very interesting).

This is just wild speculation with absoloutely no basis in reality....just me dreaming loudly.
Well, I was thinking along those lines, that they may be part of the Combine, I've not seen them attack any Combine soliders before (basically since there has been no screenshots/videos with the two in at the same time) but they always seem to be after the unlucky civillians of City 17. That and the fact that the Combine is taking over City 17 bit by bit, they may well be robots with a Combine Driver(s) inside.

We so need a HL2 Theory Thread/Forum!

Yes, and what are your thoughts on the combine. I think that the "alien citadel" (the large skkyscrapper which is consuming the city) is the major portal through which the aliens are gaining a foothold. The combine are footsoldiers, they are 'policing' city 17 and mantaining order during the initial phase of the full scale invasion. I think the combine may be robot/alien organic hybrids (although in some scenes they have red blood while in others they have yellow).
They speak English and are wearing Russian gas masks though. And no, they attack Xenitians as well as the Resistance. My guess is that G-Man has Gordon go in as Resssssissssstanccccce, but in fact he takessssss his role asssssss the leader of the Combine and helpssssssss the Xen alienssssss sssssecure a foothold on Earth.
iD is still one of the top game companies in the world and most respected in the industry. I'm glad they are still around.

iD is not only one of the best, they are the OLDEST. Without iD, there may not even be any FPS games to play because they invented the FPS. It makes me sick when some ignorant person goes around disrespecting this legendary company for the most retarded of reasons!

btw, the story of Doom 1 is about an experiment that goes wrong when instead of opening up a portal into Mars, the scientists in Doom open up a portal into HELL. So if anything, Valve borrowed the storyline from Doom 1, a game that came out years before it.
Well, I think part of the confusion is that the aliens are not all from Xen. As I recall, Xen was a portal to several worlds - this is why the G-Man wanted control of Xen. Several alien races now have access to Earth and the G-Man is siding with one or more of these alien least that's my hypothesis. I'm also not sure that all the humanoid 'baddies' we've seen are Combine. Remember that in some of the artwork there appears to be alien writting on their uniforms.
Actually, Marathon predated the id fps games, and that was made(and is currently owned by) Bungie.
The Combine soldiers are definitely human. They are wearing gas masks, they speak english, and they fire guns. The Strider moves organically, doesn't shoot bullets, but some sort of energy blast(especially thier big attack). Same with the helicopter thingy, however, the helicopter doesn't attack combine soldiers, but then again I haven't seen any combine vs. alien fighting accept for the ant lions gordon sicks on them.

Gordon definitely doesn't turn on the G-Man and fight for the aliens, he uses scent bombs to work ant lions into a frenzy.
Those floating Combine robot things unpack into Striders, or at least that's what I get from the trailer.
I was sort of dissapointed in that when I first saw the striders, I figured that they were modded up adult headcrabs (continuing that really cool idea of the various related aliens from Xen): in one of the screenshots, what I can now see is a gun turret looked like an eye at the end of a stalk. But headcrabs have four legs, not three, so I don't think this can be... striders must be from a different alien race: one that is more buglike and cyborgish.

I really want to know what the dealio was with the relation between the Xen aliens, the Race-X aliens (what WAS that final boss from Op-For?), and whatever the heck these new aliens are (if they are from yet another different reality). And what happened to the Race-X aliens who were totally kicking everyone's ass in Op For? Those guys, you'd think, could easily take things over.
There are flying headcrabs in HL2, along with a mystery headcrab we know nothing of. All of these 3 headcrabs are parasites and make 3 different zombies.
Originally posted by Calm_Blue_Ocean
(although in some scenes they have red blood while in others they have yellow).

no they dont have yellow blood.. its the colour of their clothes you see, and with the bad quality of the vid it looks like their blood (you are thinking about the dune-buggy vid right?)
when i saw first the striders i thought they look pretty skinny..i want some bigger enemys like that big blue bastard from HL...but now when ive seen some movies i changed my mind..they actually are pretty cool :D