System Req



Hello !!!
I hear you all talking about Rodeon 9700 and Geforce 4 4200,

I want to hear if my system can handle the game well...

Here it is !

Amd 1900 + 1024 DDR Ram Geforce 3 Ti500.

Thanx 4 an answer.
Your system passes the min reqs. You should be able to play HL2. You most likely won't be able to play with the highest settings though.
like jager said u can definitly play...but if u want a good fps i recomend medium or low setting (medium wil probly be fine)
Ok Thanks 4 the Answers But.....

If i want to play with Hi Frames wish Videocard should i buy ?

Geforce Fx 5900 Ultra ?
Rodeon 9800 Ultra ?

*My Computer will follow in to my grave*
Radeon 9800 pro :)

actually the geforce 5900 ultra is the fastest ATM. but it is also the most expecnive.. like 200 bucks more and you will only get 20 fps more. that is not worth it in my eyes

so I would go with the 9800 pro if I where you. unless you have a fortune to spend :)

But i hear some diffrent suggestions about this two cards..

Geforce Fx have more effects, but its seems that Rodeon has more speed ? I don´t really know whish card i should buy...

If i say like this instead.. Wish videocard is the Fastest in this planet right now ? "Game Card"
I would go with the 9800 pro for 3 reasons

1) Its a card with fantastic shader technology, shaders are being used to render HL 2. I'm not saying the 5900 Ultra hasnt got any shader tech, but i think ATIs is better :)

2) Cost

3) You can get a cool Hercules 9800 pro with a blue LED fan t00t t00t :)