Taking a Clan to HL2 and TF2



I lead a clan in TFC right now and I intend to take it to HL2 and TFC.
*I'm putin my money TF2 is going to be the main HL2 multiplayer mod.
I know a few people who would want to host a server for TF2 when it comes.
The clan is Soul Guard eXtreme the tag is [SG-X].
We have played in STA 5 vs 5 and UGC 7 vs 7
Hope to get a few offers.
Personally I don't care how good you are. Just as long as you are friendly and can get along with people. I will be renting a server soon and I plan on giving everyone in my clan admin powers. The more you play and the more I trust you the higher the level. If you are interested we will see. The clan doesn't like to use IRC and we mostly use AIM to contact eachother if you want to talk to me email me at [email protected] and my aim is DfromSGX
im intrested

i am looking at 2 clans at the mo and am determaning wich 2 choose soo i may think bout it sounds like a cool clan 2
yeah where do players need to be based to avoid ping problems or hube time differences
Most seem to be in the USA. Then again if you get DSL and have no life and live in Finland there wouldn't be much of a problem though. :p